Financial expert witnesses provide expertise in matters relating to banking, finance, financial planning, brokerage houses, and securities. Common concerns for which an expert might be consulted include risk management, allegations of fraud, due diligence review, deviation from industry standards, and lender liability issues.

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Accountability Services, Inc.
Offering auditing services, consulting and expert testimony for attorney's fee billing disputes.
Barkley International Inc.
Quantitative litigation support consulting for stocks, bonds, futures, options and other derivatives.
Baxters Business Consultants
Business consultants and expert witnesses to the residential mortgage lending and financial services industry. Located in the United Kingdom.
Berg Kaprow Lewis
London-based firm of chartered accountants, providing litigation support and strategy for matters including taxation, financial planning, and business development.
Bruce L. Ross & Co.
Specializing in damage analysis and computation, fraud investigation and business valuation. Based in California.
Center For Forensic Economic Studies
Providing economic and statistical analysis and expert testimony for all types of cases. Based in Pennsylvania.
Columbia Pacific Consulting
Vancouver-based economic consulting firm providing quantitative damage assessments to the legal community.
Cornerstone Research
Provides economic and financial consulting and expert testimony to attorneys in complex business litigation.
Delphi Risk Management Limited
London-based financial product creativity, communication and control consulting firm, providing litigation support in the areas of derivatives and financial risk.
E.F. Moody, Jr.
Financial planning consultation services, based in California.
Econalysis Consulting
Consultants and experts for economic damages, valuation analysis, and business and market economics. Based in Texas.
Economica, Ltd.
Assessment of damages in personal injury and fatal accident litigation. Located in Alberta, Canada.
Elkind Economics, Inc.
Expert on pension fund investment and management. Based in California.
Fishkind & Associates
Financial consultants and experts for real estate analysis, market research, fiscal impact assessments, financing, and Florida's economic forecast.
Frankenfeld Associates Interactive
Economics expert witness, also offering a database of economic experts, online damage reports, and legal information.
Fulcrum Inquiry
Financial consulting services, including accounting, valuation, damages, economics, and statistics. Based in California.
Gary Albrecht, Ph.D.
Florida-based expert in forensic economics, economic forecasting, and applied econometrics.
George J. Watts
Offering legal and consulting services for banking transactions and credit matters. San Antonio, Texas.
Gilbert Coleman Ph.D., Economic Consulting, Inc.
Providing litigation support for a wide variety of matters, including lost profits and earnings, business valuation, antitrust, and discrimination. Based in Reno, Nevada.
J.F. 'Chip' Morrow
Expertise for matters involving financial institutions, banking, and real estate. San Antonio, Texas.
Jack P. Friedman & Associates, L.L.C.
Real estate economist, based in Texas, offering litigation support in appraisal, brokerage, economics, taxation, and related areas.
Jackson Thornton & Co., P.C.
Litigation support services from an established Alabama accounting firm.
John J. Duval, Sr
Case preparation and testimony for either claimant or respondent in securities and insurance litigation. Located in New York.
Kinney Economic Consulting
Providing economic consulting services and testimony on taxation, telecommunications and international economics to business and governmental clients in Florida.
L. Horton & Associates
Rhode Island CPA firm experienced in auditing, fraud investigations, and accounting computer systems.
Legal Economic Evaluations, Inc.
Offering broad services for determination of economic damages. Based in California.
Legier & Company
Tax, auditing, business valuation, and audit services. Based in Louisiana.
Michaelson & Co., P.A.
Specializing in forensic accounting, fraud, international business accounting, and taxation.
Specializing in antitrust economics, valuation of intellectual property, economic damages and, statistical analysis. Offices in California and the District of Columbia.
Miod and Company, LLP
Services including forensic accounting, litigation support, expert witness testimony and valuations. Based in California.
Nesser Consulting Group, Ltd
Financial and litigation consulting firm, based in Ohio.
Pension Appraisers, Inc.
Actuarial firm that provides valuation, evaluation and appraisal of defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans.
Professional Bank Services
Addressing banking and securities issues, from offices in Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and the District of Columbia.
Richard B. Edelman, Ph.D.
Economic analysis and damages expert, based in Maryland.
Sanli Pastore & Hill, Inc.
California firm, offering business valuations, accounting, finance, and economic research services.
Stern Financial Analysis & Consulting
Providing litigation support services in the areas of finance, economics, mathematics and statistics.
Stern Stewart & Co.
Global consulting firm that developed EVA valuation methodology and specializes in business valuation and applied corporate finance. Offices in New York, California, and Illinois.
Sutherland Financial
New Zealand chartered accountants providing litigation support and financial forensic investigations for legal proceedings and matrimonial property disputes.
Thomas Neches & Company LLP
Certified public accountants, providing expert testimony, forensic accounting, business valuation and computer database analysis. Located in Los Angeles, California.
The Udinsky Group
California firm, appraising damages and providing economic impact reports for personal injury, severe disability, and employment law matters.
Vocational Economics, Inc.
Kentucky firm, striving to objectively define economic damages associated with a tort.
Welch Consulting
Providing expert services in economics and statistics, including services for discrimination claims, damages in employment class actions, and lost sales or profits in business disputes.
WFA Econometrics
Offering services and expert testimony relating to valuation and division of retirement benefits.
Willamette Management
Providing expertise in taxation, estate planning, ESOPs, litigation, damages, mergers and acquisitions, with offices across the United States.

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