Engineering experts offer services across a wide range of engineering specialties. Additionally, many offer services in areas such as failure analysis, fire and explosion investigation, and materials testing.

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Accident & Failure Analysis Consultants
Providing expert testimony for industrial accidents, consumer product liability, explosions, material properties, and failure analysis. Located in Navarre, Florida.
ACS Engineering & Safety, L.L.C.
Forensic engineers with experience in vehicle accident reconstruction, failure analysis, personal injury, fire losses, and construction safety. Based in Texas.
Affiliated Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Performing forensic investigations, and providing engineering and computer consulting services, and expert testimony, worldwide.
Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc.
Independent testing, analytical, consulting and development laboratory servicing the rubber, latex, plastics, and related materials and products industry. Based in Ohio.
European leader in innovation consulting, Altran has over 17,000 employees in more than 20 countries.
Applied Technical Services, Inc.
Multidisciplinary private testing laboratory, providing expert witness services for failure analysis, product liability, and accident reconstruction.
Argonautics Marine Engineering
Marine engineering services. Based in California.
Armstrong Forensic Laboratory
Services for fire debris analysis, industrial hygiene, chemistry, and environmental matters. Based in Texas.
Arthur Zatarain, P.E.
Consultant on technical, commercial, and litigation matters related to computers, automation, instrumentation, electrical engineering, and patents. Offering services nationwide from offices in Louisiana.
Automotive Forensic Analysis
Determination of mechanical factors and causes of automotive crashes and failures, especially related to brake failures, sudden acceleration incidents (SAIs), loss of control, seatbelt and airbag (SRS) analysis, etc.
B.H. Barkalow, Inc.
Biomedical and clinical engineering consulting firm, based in Michigan.
Bailey Engineering Consultants
Engineering services and support for government and private industry. Based in Texas.
Battery Design Co.
Providing expert advice on technical problems, investment decisions or testimony pertaining to electrochemical engineering. Based in California.
BEE Consulting, LLC
Providing consulting regarding engineering design issues and related litigation. Seattle, Washington.
Bison Engineering, Inc.
Failure analysis, forensic engineering investigations, carbon monoxide investigations, fire investigations and accident reconstruction engineering services. Based in Kingwood, Texas.
Bowser-Morner, Inc.
Broad analytical, geotechnical, materials, and construction consulting services. Based in Ohio.
Brooks Acoustic Corporation
Environmental and industrial noise control, architectural acoustics and quiet product design. Located in Connecticut.
Cardno MM&A
Providing a broad range of environmental, civil, mining, and geotechnical engineering services. Based in Virginia.
ChemTech Consultants, Inc.
Expert services for chemical and industrial engineering, and accident investigation. Located in Pennsylvania.
Coltharp Engineering Associates, Inc.
Services include vehicle accident reconstruction, structural evaluation, fire cause and origin analysis, and product analysis. Located in Texas.
Corrosion Testing Laboratories, Inc.
Specialist in corrosion, located in Delaware.
David H. Darnel, C.C.E., J.D.
Attorney, biomedical engineer, and certified clinical engineer, based in New York.
Diversified Product Inspections, Inc.
Independent product investigation service specializing in product failures, air contamination and fire investigations for the insurance industry, manufacturers, and individuals. Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
Donan Engineering Co., Inc.
Multi-disciplined engineering consulting firm equipped to address a wide variety of forensic projects. Offices in Kentucky and Indiana.
Dr. Ron Frishmuth, P.E.
Expert in applied mechanics, based in Texas.
Drebelbis Engineering
Engineering and architectural building technology investigation, based in Texas.
Edward Almon, P.E.
Mechanical and metallurgical engineering, with an extensive background in nuclear power. Based in Tennessee.
Ellis Fall Safety Solutions
Safety, engineering and training professionals who specialize in fall safety protection training, consulting, and legal support.
Engel Metallurgical, Ltd.
Providing support for product liability, industry specifications compliance, design evaluation, and failure analysis matters. Located in Minnesota.
Engineering Data Management, Inc.
Consulting, testing and inspection services for the utility, construction and wood industries. Based in Colorado.
Engineering Data Services, Inc.
Engineering evaluation and failure analysis of commercial and domestic products. Based in Texas.
ESA Consulting Engineers
Consulting services and expert testimony for electric generating stations, and telecommunications, industrial and commercial facilities. Located in Pennsylvania.
Engineering and scientific consulting firm with expertise in over 50 technical disciplines.
ForensisGroup, Inc.
Technical engineering, construction and scientific experts.
Fowler Associates
Consultation, expert, and laboratory services for the packaging, electronics, electrostatics and industrial radiation processing industries. Located in South Carolina.
Fuss & O'Neill, Inc.
Consulting civil and environmental engineering firm.
Futuretech Design
Mechanical and forensic engineering consultants, based in Pearl River, Louisiana.
Gomer Consulting Group, LLC
Multidisciplinary association of professionals, with backgrounds in product, facility, workplace and job design, manufacturing, and safety. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona.
GS Sayers Engineering Ltd
Providing forensic engineering and litigation support for insurance and legal professions. Based in British Columbia.
Hargis & Associates, Inc.
Consultants in hydrogeology and engineering, based in California.
Harper Houf Righellis, Inc.
Expert testimony for matters involving flooding, drainage, civil engineering, and standard of care. Offices in Nevada and Oregon.
Hayes and Associates, Inc.
Biomechanics experts, using analytical and scientific tools to provide injury reconstruction, failure analysis and litigation support services.
The Hendrix Group, Inc.
Materials and corrosion engineers, based in Texas.
Biomechanics, ergonomics and human factors engineering services in areas of consulting, product development and litigation.
Huyser Engineering Services Inc.
Providing consultation and engineering support to the power industry. Based in Colorado.
Hydrocarbon Engineering Associates, Inc.
Philadelphia engineering firm, providing a wide range of services to energy, chemical and related businesses.
Ivey Engineering & Construction Services, Inc.
Plumbing, HVAC, and process piping engineering firm, offering consultation, forensic analysis, litigation support and expert testimony for design and construction matters. Based in San Diego, California.
Jim O'Boyle, CSP, PE
Certified safety professional with over thirty years of experience, including over nineteen years with a major elevator company as Director of Safety and Codes.
John F. Rekus & Associates, Ltd.
Consultants in occupational safety and health. Located in Maryland.
John T. Boyd Company
International consultancy specializing in mining related, engineering, environmental and geotechnical projects.
Kevin Kennedy & Associates
Engineering analysis and consulting firm, developing new products and manufacturing processes and providing services in materials technology, product development, and manufacturing systems. Indianapolis, Indiana.
KHB Consulting Services
Specializing in consumer and industrial chemical based products, and offering file review, research, testing, and expert services. Based in Illinois.
Long International, LLC
Experts in process and industrial plant engineering, construction claims analysis, and project management. Based in Littleton, Colorado.
Materials Evaluation and Engineering, Inc.
Developing solutions to materials-related problems. Located in Minnesota.
MDE Engineers, Inc.
Mechanical, electrical, metallurgical, and civil engineers provide expertise in accident reconstruction, fire investigation, equipment failures, and product liability cases. Based in Washington.
Mechanical Forensics Engineering Services, LLC
Mechanical engineer, motorcycle skills instructor, and accident reconstructionist, offering forensic evaluation of machines and systems involved in accidents. Serving the New England area.
Mechanical Solutions, Inc.
Analysis, testing and troubleshooting of various types of rotating machinery, including turbines, compressors, pumps and motors, and for piping and pressure vessels. Based in New Jersey.
MEI-Charlton, Inc.
Materials engineering consultants, based in Oregon.
Melvin R. Kantz, Ph.D., CHMM
Consulting and expert testimony in matters of products liability and personal injury. Malvern, Pennsylvania.
Michael D. Sidman, Ph.D.
Engineering consultant, based in Colorado, focusing on motor, motion and servo control systems simulation and optimization of dynamic systems and products.
Michael Morse, Ph.D.
Consultation and expert testimony for electric shock injury and electrical accidents. Located in California.
Miller Engineering
Services for mechanical-automotive, packaging, safety, bio-engineering, and agricultural engineering cases.
Mundell & Associates, Inc.
Earth and environmental services consulting company. Based in Indiana.
Muse, Stancil & Co.
Providing energy consulting services, worldwide, from offices in Texas.
Norman N. Axelrod Associates
Literature searches, evaluations, depositions on technology, patents, and optical devices. Based in New York.
O'Donnell Consulting Engineers
Engineering design and analysis of structures, including failure causation analysis. Based in Pennsylvania.
Odor Science & Engineering, Inc.
Specialized odor evaluation, monitoring and control companies. Located in Connecticut.
Ohm Corporation
Providing engineering, electrical and mechanical expertise, litigation support and expert testimony for matters including electrical shock and electrocution, product and construction defects, and fire investigations. Based in California.
Ove Arup & Partners
Consulting engineers, planners and project managers, with offices in Michigan, California, and New York.
Paulin Research Group, Inc.
Services relating to cause and effect of catastrophic events occurring at process plants, field sites, and fabrication shops. Based in Texas.
Plastic Failure Labs
Expert witness and forensics services regarding failure of plastics. Includes detailed photos and case studies.
PRI Asphalt Technologies, Inc.
Forensic analysis, expert testimony and technical reviews in all areas of asphalt use. Based in Florida.
Quigley Scientific Corporation
Provides product design, engineering, and development. Based in Massachusetts.
Read Consulting
Materials science and engineering consulting firm, providing failure analysis services. Santa Rosa, California.
Reedy Engineering, Inc.
Specializing in ASME boiler, pressure vessel and piping codes and standards and interpretations. Campbell, California.
Regulatory Compliance Partners
Professional engineering corporation specializing in permitting, reporting, emissions modeling, and emergency response planning. Offices in Louisiana and Texas.
Resch Engineering, Inc.
Consultants and experts for materials science, failure analysis, and nondestructive evaluation. Based in Nebraska.
Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.
Multi-disciplined firm with worldwide clientele, handling small and large cases. Offices in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida.
Robert A. Beard & Associates, Inc.
New product research, design, and development of plastic products and packaging. Based in Wisconsin.
Robert Bruce and Sons
International specialists in industrial plant, machinery and electrical systems for the process, manufacturing and power industries. Derbyshire, United Kingdom.
Roensch & Associates
Expert witness and mechanical engineering consultant with experience in failure, stress, and finite element analysis, litigation support, depositions, and court testimony.
Roger L. Boyell
Expertise in electronic control and communication systems, serving legal professionals with expert consultation and testimony. Based in New Jersey.
Rothfuss Engineering Company
Maryland firm, offering a wide range of services in the engineering and scientific disciplines.
Ryan Engineering
Forensic engineering experience in automotive, atv, and ladder accidents, guards and warning systems. Archive of publications and technical articles.
Sauer Engineering
Materials and engineering consulting firm, specializing in aerospace thermal spray coating evaluation, training, metallurgy, and litigation support. Based in Montgomery, Ohio.
Schneider Corporation, The
Indiana firm, offering diverse engineering and architectural services.
Schomer and Associates
Illinois consultants in acoustics and noise control.
SEAL Laboratories
Determining failure causation in a broad range of materials and components. Based in California.
Stanley Pulz, & Associates, Inc.
Consulting services in the areas of safety and human factors engineering, and risk management.
Steffen Robertson and Kirsten, Inc.
Multi-disciplinary consulting firm, providing comprehensive engineering and environmental services to the mining industry worldwide. Based in Colorado.
Steven B. Kushnick, P.E., Inc.
Mechanical engineering consultant, based in Georgia.
Structural Acoustics, Inc.
Engineering consultants and failure analysis experts in mechanical and biomedical engineering. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina.
System Engineering and Laboratories Corporation
Engineering firm providing services for accident reconstruction, failure analysis, product safety, mechanical engineering, and fire investigation.
Taylor Associates Limited
Consulting forensic engineers, providing expert testimony for health and safety matters. Based in the United Kingdom.
Technology Resources International, Inc.
Consulting and litigation support in fuel and petrochemical manufacturing, environmental technology, fuel distribution, alternative fuels. Based in Illinois.
Tension Technology International
Consultants in flexible tension member systems. Offices in Massachusetts and New Jersey.
Testing Engineers & Consultants, Inc.
Consulting engineering and professional testing and inspection in civil, environmental, geotechnical, structural and construction materials fields. Based in Michigan.
Testing Engineers, Inc.
Independent testing and consulting engineering firm, serving the construction and manufacturing industries. Based in California.
Tetra Engineering Group, Inc.
International engineering firm serving primarily the energy and process industries. Located in Connecticut.
TMTS Associates Inc.
An engineering consulting firm specializing in combustion, air pollution control, solids handling, thermal desorption and the environment.
The Vacek Group, Inc.
Structural and architectural engineering firm, based in Texas.
Wallace Engineering Structural Consultants, Inc.
Structural and civil engineering consultants.
Walson and Co., Inc.
Provides failure analysis and expert testimony for the legal community and other organizations.
William Kunzman, P.E.
Traffic engineer expert witness, based in California.
Wineman Engineering
Specialization in investigative engineering for mechanical and HVAC systems. West Bloomfield, Michigan.
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