Expert witness directories list names and contact information of experts. Some directories list experts in a wide variety of disciplines while others list only experts who practice within a specialized area or geographic region. These directories allow attorneys to locate expert witnesses and contact them directly without going through a third-party or expert referral service.

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A.M. Best
Searchable directory of investigated professional experts in a variety of fields.
The Accident Reconstruction Network
Directory of companies that employ experts in accident reconstruction, traffic accident investigation and engineering.
AELE Law Enforcement Legal Center
Alphabetical directory of criminal justice experts and litigation consultants.
National directory of U.S. expert witnesses searchable by location and specialties.
American Board of Forensic Document Examiners, Inc.
Directory of document examiners in private practice.
ARC Network
Accident reconstruction network providing expert witness, research, products, news and discussion.
Claims Providers of America
Publishing a national directory of expert witnesses for attorneys and insurance professionals.
Directory for expert witnesses, Sponsored by the Los Angeles County Bar Association.
Directory of expert witnesses organized by area of practice and location.
Hierarchical directory of experts, also providing articles and web hosting.
Searchable directory of legal consultants and experts, with selected articles.
Searchable directory of experts, serving the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.
Horizon Professional Services
Directory of California expert witnesses.
J S Publications
United Kingdom-based directory of experts from all disciplines, with fact sheets and newsletter for experts. Registration required for full access.
Directory of expert witnesses, organized by specialty.
JurisSolutions, Inc.
Small directory of experts organized by specialty and location. Free registration required.
Legal Experts-UK
Listing of experts serving the United Kingdom, organized by subject.
LexVisio Legal Expert Witness Directory
Directory of more than 4,000 legal expert witnesses and case consultants organized within 624 categories of expertise, including a broad range of experts from all fields.
Gateway to directories of experts and independent medical examiners.
Sweet & Maxwell, Ltd. - Legal Hub
Directory of lawyers and experts serving the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.
Experts in a wide variety of fields, serving the United Kingdom.
Searchable directory of forensic experts in a wide variety of categories.

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