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An accident reconstructionist is someone qualified to analyze the many different aspects of n accident and render an opinion on how and why the accident happened. The reconstructionist may also offer an opinion on how the accident may have been avoided. A reconstructionist will not, generally, determine a level of fault or guilt to one party over another. Every accident results from the interplay of a wide variety of factors. For example, in a traffic accident, a reconstructionist may have to assess the role of vehicle speed, time, distance, ambient lighting, seat belt use, air bags, component failure, brakes, human factors, alcohol as a factor, collision avoidance, crashworthiness and tire failures just to name a few possible factors. It is advisable to consult with an attorney if you have been involved in an accident that resulted in injuries.

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A. Zhukov, Ph. D. & Associates
Vehicle accident reconstruction and engineering consulting services.
A.D. Stokes, LLC
Accident investigation, reconstruction and expert witness services as well as 3D animation and visualization. Gainesville, Florida.
AAFS Associates, Inc.
Automotive forensics and automotive accident / defect / repair related investigation and research as applied to mechanics, physics, examination, scientific testing, reporting & analysis.
Accident Analysis & Reconstruction Inc.
Litigation support company specializing in training for accident investigators.
Accident Analysis Service
Provides accident investigation/reconstruction services to the law enforcement, legal and insurance communities.
Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction
Certification board formed to accredit accident investigators and reconstructionists.
American Automotive Design
Auto engineering expert on subjects including occupant protection, accident reconstruction, failure analysis, and design forensics.
AR Bio, Inc.
Expert witness and consulting services in Accident Reconstruction and Injury Causation with an emphasis on Biomechanics.
AR Engineers, Inc.
Automotive engineering consulting firm providing accident reconstruction analysis utilizing the latest in computer simulations and technology.
Arch Forensics, LLC
A multi-disciplinary forensic sciences firm specializing in failure investigation. They specialize in workers' compensation, economic damages assessments, financial fraud investigation, product liability, expert testimony.
Armstrong Forensic Engineers
An independent source for investigation and analysis. Experts investigate causes and deliver an analysis of complex technical problems.
ATA Associates, Inc.
Providing litigation support and accident reconstruction services. Located in Texas.
Atlanta Engineering Services
Civil engineering girm that offers traffic accident reconstruction, hydroplaning, and expert witness services in the southeast USA. Based in Alpharetta, Georgia.
Automotive Engineering Consultants Inc.
Expert in all aspects of automotive systems and components, accident reconstruction, product liability, forensics. Located Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Baker Materials Engineering Ltd.
Mechanical and metallurgical engineers specializing in accident reconstruction and investigation, and failure analysis.
Bloomberg Consulting
Professional engineering company with focus on traffic accident reconstruction and forensic engineering.
Boster, Kobayashi & Associates
Firm that performs scientific research and analysis for accicent reconstruction, human factors, safety, injury causation and highway design.
C4 Animation
Works with reconstruction expert to create legal animations and graphics for pre-trial and courtroom litigation.
California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists
CA2RS was created to provide accident reconstruction training and resources to its members. There is a growing need for more local resources in the accident reconstruction field.
Collision Analysis
Professional road ccident investigation services. Forensic examination of the crash scene, vehicles and other material may then form the basis on which a reconstruction may be based to support or refute a claim.
Collision Investigation Associates, Ltd.
Offering traffic accident reconstruction services throughout the United States.
Collision Reconstruction Engineers, Inc.
Toby L. Gloekler, P.E.: An engineering services firm comprised of Professional Engineers and ACTAR certified Traffic Accident Reconstructionists with a combination of technical credentials and law enforcement experience.
Collision Research Associates
Traffic accident reconstruction, highway safety and expert witness.
Collision Research, Ltd.
Dedicated to providing forensic motor vehicle accident reconstruction, including snowmobiles and ATV's.
Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Services & Consulting
NH based firm that specializes in accident reconstruction, vehicle autopsies, crash causation and analysis, component failure analysis, law enforcement training and expert witness services. Services are provided nationwide.
Crash Data Services, LLC
Expert witness service specializing in traffic accident reconstruction and crash data retrieval (vehicle black box technology).
Crash Safety Research Group
Reconstruction services and human factors analysis of drivers and pedestrians involved in motor vehicle accidents. Based in Uncasville, Connecticut.
D. Wylie Associates
Forensic human factors analysis for accident reconstruction. driver fatigue, and driving safety analysis.
Dean Tekell Consulting
Expert reconstruction services for accidents, including rail, truck, and traffic matters. Based in Lafayette, Louisiana.
Delta-V Crash Investigations
Specializing in accident reconstrtuction, traffic crash consulting, 2D & 3D animations as well as expert witness services.
DLH Associates, Inc.
Providing expert witness serevices related to transportation and trucking accidents for the legal community. Depositions and trial testimony in state and federal jurisdictions nationally.
Dr. Robert McElroy
Vehicle technical expert and accident reconstructionist. Consulting services also include technical inspection, maintenance, repair, product liability, and "black box" EDR analysis.
Du M├ętier
Accident reconstruction and investigation services. Metallurgical Examinations. Training.
DVExperts International Pty Ltd.
A forensic engineering and safety solution consultancy.
Elliott & Adams
Experts in traffic accident investigation and reconstruction, crime scene surveys, tachograph analysis, and stolen vehicle examination. Northamptonshire, England.
Engineering Partners International
Providing engineering services, accident reconstruction, risk management, and litigation consulting, worldwide. Kingwood, Texas.
Engineering Systems Inc.
Engineering firm specializing in accident reconstruction, forensic engineering and failure analysis.
Fay Engineering Corporation
Forensic engineering analysis with 3d visualizations and testing. Includes a list of publications, collections of animations, and photos. Located in Denver, Colorado.
Felicella Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Full time engineering firm providing consulting and expert witness services in the areas of traffic accident investigation, analysis and reconstruction.
Field & Test Engineering, Inc.
Accident reconstruction includes traffic engineering, human factors, and pedestrian slips and falls. Includes information and photos of past cases.
Final Analysis
Offering consultation services for death investigation, criminalistics, forensic analysis, and police shooting cases. Based in Tacoma, Washington.
Fire & Accident Causation Technical Services
Specializing in accident reconstruction, fire origin, and product liability cases.
Forensic Dynamics Inc.
Providing technical answers to assist in resolving legal issues. All types of MVAs.
Forensic Vehicle Investigation Consultancy
Consultancy offering expert testimony to the United Kingdom legal profession, insurance and road transport industry.
Fred Rice
Expert witness providing testimony about collision reconstruction.
Gary A. Presswood & Associates, Ltd.
Accident reconstructionists in vehicle, construction, and fall type accidents.
Global Technology Experts
Specializing in accident reconstruction, and failure plus fatigue analysis, and expert witness on insurance claims.
Gordon W. Bigg, PhD, PE
Specializing in the analysis of mechanical failures and motor vehicle accident reconstruction. Located in Washington.
Graham Ryan Consulting Services, Ltd.
Accident reconstruction engineering.
Green Engineering, Inc.
Specializes in bicycle accident reconstruction cases. Also civil engineering
Derby, England firm providing vehicle inspection reports and accident investigations.
Hewett & Associates
Offering traffic accident reconstruction services, and investigative services, including witness interviews and background investigations.
Intech Engineering, Ltd.
Forensic engineering, investigations of motor vehicle collisions, slip and fall accidents, industrial accidents, machinery failures and accidents involving consumer products.
J.E.I. Metallurgical, Inc.
Accident investigation and reconstruction, product failure analysis, fire and explosion investigation, metallurgical engineering services. Litigation consulting, expert witness and testimony.
John Desch Associates Inc.
Accident reconstruction specialists, including traffic engineering.
John S. Allen
Litigation support and expert testimony for bicycle accident cases. Based in Mississippi.
John Sevier
Tree accident investigations by a certified arborist.
Keva Engineering
Dedicated to the advancement of the science of automotive accident reconstruction and vehicle safety.
Knott Laboratory
Rescontructs expert witness events using digital animation.
Kodsi Forensic Engineering
Investigative engineering for the legal and insurance industries including accident reconstruction.
La Pier & Associates
Accident reconstruction services, with expertise in drunk driving cases.
M-Crash Group
Traffic crash reconstruction by current or prior police officers specializing in automobiles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, boats, PWCs, pedestrian and railroad grade crashes.
Marc Green, Ph.D
Expert witness for accidents involving human error in vision, perception and attention, in such contexts as highways, legibility, lighting, warnings, and interfaces.
Marcus & Marcus, Inc.
Accident investigation and reconstruction services to the state of Georgia.
McHenry Software
Motor vehicle collision reconstruction and simulation software.
McKinzie and Associates, LLC
Reconstruction consulting firm specializing in commercial vehicle accident reconstruction.
MEA Forensic
Engineers specializing in accident reconstruction.
Mechanical Forensics Engineering Services, LLC
Mechanical engineer, motorcycle skills instructor, and accident reconstructionist, serving the New England area.
Messerschmidt Safety Consulting
Accident reconstruction firm specializing in event data recorders, driver response, and traffic safety.
Michael A. Mayda
Expert in the fields of visibility analysis, photogrammetry and computer animation. Based in Sacramento, California.
Midwest Accident Reconstruction Services, L.C.
Offices in Concordia and Springfield, Missouri serving surrounding states. Includes phone, fax, and email contacts, ACTAR certification, biographies, specialty services, and classes offered.
Motorcycle Forensics
Services for all aspects of motorcycle, snowmobile, and ATV operation and accident reconstruction. Binghamton, New York.
Mr. Lewis J. Pytel - Consultant
Central Florida accident reconstruction services.
MV Engineering Company
Consulting engineering firm specializing in analysis of motor vehicles accidents and incidents(fires). Offices in Cincinnati OH and Pittsburgh PA.
The National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists
Non-profit organization whose members have joined together to share the challenge of dealing with the complex problems of accident reconstruction.
Offices Of Perry J. Zucker
Technical reports, pre-trial preparation, and expert witness testimony for vehicle accidents, traffic violations, and product liability cases.
PAF Highways & Traffic Safety Ltd
Independent consultancy specialising in road safety engineering and audits, highway design, traffic management and forensic collision investigation. Lancashire, England.
Paul Kayfetz Inc.
Full service forensic photography, accident reconstruction, and computer simulations in combination with expert testimony.
Paul Stephens Engineering Consultants, Inc.
Forensically focused technical firm, offering accident investigation and reconstruction services, insurance investigations, reports for property claims and subrogation, and expert testimony.
Personal Injury Accident Services
Accident investigation and reconstruction experts. Provision of reports, scale plans photographic and video evidence. Witness interviews and statements. Road traffic law expertise.
Perspective Media Group
Specializing in forensic animation and courtroom graphics, technically accurate event reconstructions for civil and criminal court cases.
Peter R. Thom and Associates, Inc.
Automotive accident reconstruction and engineering services.
Quest Engineering & Failure Analysis, Inc.
Engineers specializing in accident reconstruction and failure analysis. Located in Tallahassee, Florida.
R. Bouwmeester & Associates
Sun and shadow position modeling for accident reconstruction. Based in Barrie, Ontario.
Roger Clarke Associates, LLC
Engineering consulting firm focusing on motor vehicle accident reconstruction and safety research. Located in Paramount, California.
Romualdi, Davidson & Associates, Inc.
Engineering consultation for failure analysis and accident reconstruction.
Rook Group
Expert witness reports and accident reconstruction for mechanical, automotive, factory and workplace accidents, and public liability claims. Hull, UK.
Rudy Degger & Associates Inc.
Traffic accident reconstruction specialist.
Ruhl Forensic
A full service forensic engineering firm, specializing in the investigation and reconstruction of vehicular accidents, construction site accidents, fire and explosions and product analysis.
Ruth Consulting
Expert in automotive constraint systems and event data recorders. Also offering accident reconstruction services.
Safety Engineering Associates
Engineering consulting firm with expertise in accident reconstruction, product testing and design evaluation.
Scaffold Training Institute
Services for fall accident investigation.
Sean Collinsworth
Bicyclist and bicycle safety author, offering expert testimony for accident cases. Based in California.
Sintra Engineering
Forensic engineers specializing in accident reconstruction, fire and explosion investigations, technical failures, and bio-mechanical assessments for insurance, legal, and risk management clients.
Skogen Engineering Group, Inc.
A consulting engineering firm specializing in accident reconstruction engineering. Expertise include: traffic collisions, motor vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, machinery failures, agriculture accidents, consumer product failures, slip-and-fall accidents. Based in Wisconsin
SOAR: Society of Accident Reconstructionists
SOAR is a professional organization for Accident Reconstructionists.
Southeast Forensic Consultants
A multi-disciplinary consulting firm specializing in accident reconstruction and failure analysis.
SP Associates
Accident reconstruction experts specialising in seat belt safety and driving/speed offences.
Star Services
Accident and collision investigation and reconstruction, crash analysis, road vehicle analysis.
Steinke Beyer
Providing services for failure analysis of mechanical systems, and for accident investigation and reconstruction. Located in Los Altos Hills, California.
Stratton, Moore & Painter, Inc.
Accident investigation and reconstruction experts. Preparation of reports, scale diagrams, Event Data Recorder downloads (EDR, CDR & ECM downloads.) Law enforcement and witness interviews and statements. Simulations and animations.
Summit Engineering
Consultations in the areas of accident reconstruction, property loss, and fire investigations.
System Engineering and Laboratories
Providing services for accident reconstruction, failure analysis, product safety, mechanical engineering, and fire investigation. Based in Texas.
Technical Services Forensic Engineering
Accident reconstruction, crashworthiness, and automotive-human factors expertise.
Technology Associates
Services for accident reconstruction, products liability, injury biomechanics, human factors, safety, and forensic engineering.
Terry D. Lewis
Traffic accident reconstruction in Toledo, Ohio, and the states of Ohio and Michigan.
Texas Claims & Consulting
Specializing in accident reconstruction and bad faith insurance claims.
Thorn Consulting Services
Certified accident reconstruction, investigation and training. Also offering expert crash data retrieval (CDR) analysis. Based in Spokane, Washington.
The Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin
Online technical journal for traffic accident reconstruction.
Vector Scientific, Inc.
An engineering consulting firm specializing in accident reconstruction, failure analysis, biomechanics, animation, and exhibit preparation for plaintiff and defense attorneys including criminal, and insurance companies.
Vehicle Mechanical and Accident Reconstruction, LLC
Provides vehicle mechanical failure analysis and vehicle accident reconstruction services to insurance companies, law firms, and private parties.
W Poplin Engineering
Consultations in the areas of vehicle accident reconstruction and accident analysis, provided by Woodrow M. Poplin, P.E.
The Warren Group
Engineering consulting firm specializing in liability, accident investigation, accident reconstruction, subrogation, personal injury and worker compensation.
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