Document Management products within this legal category assist law firms in automating, saving, organizing and accessing word processing documents and other computer files such as spreadsheets, scanned images, and presentations. The software typically includes the ability to perform a full-text search of all documents as well as a method for categorizing the documents.

Legal Document Management Systems typically include a database of document profile records, each of which can record a document name, author, creation date, last change date, version number, related client name, related matter name, type of document (agreement, letter, brief, presentation, etc.), document serial number, customizable fields, and other metadata. They often support a variety of productivity features such as a list of most recently accessed documents, access to document templates, form-based search, and lists of documents by client, matter and other criteria. Integrating with applications for law practice management, case management, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations, these products facilitate the process of naming, profiling, categorizing, interrelating, saving, retrieving and reusing documents of all types.

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ActiveDocs works with Microsoft Office to simplify document creation and leave you more time for thinking.
Business Integrity
Enables law firms to automate their know-how using document assembly and automation software.
Case Data
Provides both large and small law firms services from document and data capture to providing your data online or in the office.
Legal software and Information Technology Products for Lawyers and Solicitors including Case Management Applications, Electronic Legal Forms and Practice Management System especially for document-intensive work.
Produces DiscBinder closing binders on CD-ROM. Paper binders are scanned, converted to PDF, indexed and burned to CD-ROM saving space and time.
Software that tracks and manages any type of contract or negotiated agreement.
Corporatek Inc.
Producing software for corporate governance, compliance, records and document management.
Drafting Libraries
Software to compose legal documents for attorneys with specific forms for business, corporations, real estate, wills and trusts.
DynaFile Document Management
Web-based document management solution helps increase efficiency and reduce misfiling of critical information in legal cases. Provides industry solutions for legal practice and law offices.
IOS InterAlia Software
MS Office based client/matter centric document creation and management systems specifically designed for UK law firms of all sizes.
Juris DOC Pro
Law form document preparation tool designed to aid lawyers and paralegals by auto creating legal documents.
Lawgic Publishing Company
Software combining document drafting with legal research for estate planning, family law, business and corporate law, and employment and labor law.
An integrated secure document management and collaboration software specific to the legal industry.
OpenSource Inc.
Web-based contract analysis and management for law firms and legal departments. Supports different file formats; enables sophisticated search; automatically creates hyperlinks between related documents and sections; notifies of contract events.
Document assembly program. Uses plain text variables.
Automated document assembly software for Texas and Florida lawyers generates finished legal documents. Available by subscription.
A document management system that will allow a company to scan, organize, and securely manage all of its records.
Software that helps users generate documents created using sections of standard text.
SweetCite Legal
An attorney productivity application that runs alongside word processing software managing legal citations and source documents. It performs many of the repetitive tasks associated with authoring legal citations for modern e-briefs.
Software programs for filling out legal forms for various areas of law.
TurboLaw Software allows attorneys and staff to generate dozens of completed court forms, motions, notices and requests. It is state-specific document automation for Massachusetts, USA.
WordMill Inc.
Makes legal forms management software tailored to specific fields of practice or business, particularly Workers' Comp, bond work, UCC, and US District Court.
Document management for Corel WordPerfect, MS Office and other popular Windows programs. Provides file saving and retrieval, customizable document profiles and advanced document search capabilities. Also offers a Web version.
Specializing in Document and Content Management for the legal market.
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