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The national headquarters and recognized chapters and affiliates of the ACLU.
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
National organization advocating individual rights, by litigating, legislating, and educating the public on a broad array of issues affecting individual freedom in the United States. Position papers, updates on legislation, how to obtain legal advice.
New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU)
Comprehensive resource for civil liberties issues. Detailed discussion of many major issues, resources, activities, and links to local chapters.
ACLU Indiana
Frequently asked questions, voting records of legislators, legal docket, complaint form, list of staff and local chapters.
ACLU of Missouri
Local news, press releases, legislation, legal docket, how to get involved, file a legal complaint. Discussion of how the government is segregating protesters into "designated free speech zones."
ACLU of Colorado
Local news, events, legislation, and newsletters, annual students' award, now to host a speaker, volunteer opportunities, links, and how to get legal help.
ACLU of Delaware (ACLU-DE)
Positions on state bills under consideration and current litigation. Volunteer opportunities and discussion of passage of Gay Rights bill by Delaware House of Representatives.
ACLU of Florida
List of local chapters, extensive discussion of issues, court cases organization is involved in, how to get legal help. A unique feature is the ability to send your opinions about the issues to the organization on their "Sound Off" page. Some information in Creole and Spanish.
ACLU of Georgia
Includes links to issues, legal docket, newsletters, and important state bills. Also includes a discussion of how Georgia's fornication law was declared "a dead letter" by the state Supreme Court.
ACLU of Hawai'i
News on home page, litigation report, how to file a complaint, legislative alert and volunteer opportunities.
ACLU of Illinois
Events, links to chapters, publications, legal help, jobs available.
ACLU of Kansas
Position papers, racial profiling complaint form, links to other legal help organizations, answers to frequently asked questions.
ACLU of Kentucky
Mission, history, staff, and list of board of directors, links , current legal program, upcoming events, current issues.
ACLU of Louisiana
News releases, volunteer opportunities, legislation and court cases, how to request legal help. New Orleans resolution to protect civil liberties.
ACLU of Maryland
Legal and legislative issues, newsletters, press releases, list of staff, and volunteer opportunities. Weekly updates of activities keep this site among the more current.
ACLU of Michigan
Press releases, online surveys, legal complaint form and guidelines, updates of active issues in state.
ACLU of Mississippi
Lesbian and Gay rights highlight. Press releases. Position papers, and books worth reading.
ACLU of Montana
Youth page, gay rights, voting rights and redistricting, newsletters, efforts to abolish the death penalty. Resources for students. Extensive set of useful links.
ACLU of Nebraska
Upcoming events, frequently asked questions. Extensive discussion of local litigation and community education efforts.
ACLU of Nevada
One newsletter, recent newspaper articles.
ACLU of New Jersey: ACLU-NJ
Press releases, issue papers, how to get involved, guide to help they may offer, events, legal docket.
ACLU of New Mexico
Press releases, publications, newsletters. Volunteer opportunities and internships. Court cases and legislative issues. How to file a complaint.
ACLU of North Carolina
Editorials about legal rights of individuals including teenagers, tenants and minorities--among others. Volunteer opportunities, positions, updates. How to obtain legal assistance.
ACLU of Northern California (ACLU-NC)
Publications, events, action alerts, links to local chapters, press releases, newsletters. Special focus on "Safe and Free" campaign.
ACLU of Ohio
News releases, legal docket, local legislation affecting civil liberties.
ACLU of Oklahoma
List of legislation affecting civil liberties. How to file a complaint. Humorous article about a 15 year-old student accused of witchcraft.
ACLU of Oregon
Active legal docket, resources for teachers and students. Notable civil liberties quotes, volunteer opportunities. Positions on many issues.
ACLU of Pennsylvania (ACLUPA)
Library of classics, position papers, rights cards (English and Spanish), description of PATRIOT act. Local events and links to chapters.
ACLU of Rhode Island
News articles, court cases, legislative activities. Information on workplace privacy and your rights when dealing with the police.
ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties
Major court successes, detailed discussion of cases organization is involved with, press releases, protester's rights.
ACLU of South Carolina (ACLU-SC)
How to get legal help, upcoming meetings, TV ads. Information on "Safe and Free" campaign in South Carolina.
ACLU of Southern California
Campaigns, newsletters, tools for activists, legal help, history of national organization.
ACLU of Tennessee
Legal docket, state legislation, information on students' rights. Recent lawsuits, including fighting a ban on fortune telling.
ACLU of Texas
How to get legal assistance, police accountability, cyber-liberties, banned books, events, newsletter, position papers, local chapters. Includes prison rights project.
ACLU of Utah
Recent events, court and legislative activities, newsletters, positions on local issues. Newspaper articles, public events.
ACLU of Vermont
Overview, how to get legal help, education on your rights, legislative contacts and issues of interest, national initiatives.
ACLU of Virginia
Current issues, opinion pieces, press releases, publications, current lawsuits, essay contest, how to request help.
ACLU of Washington
Multimedia ad campaign. (Requires Flash). Information on monthly cable TV program. Publications on restoring rights of felons, PATRIOT act, World Trade Organization, racial profiling, cyber-liberties, war on drugs.
ACLU of West Virginia
Current events, press releases and newsletters, information on what types of cases they take.
ACLU of Wisconsin (ACLU/WI)
Info on citizen's right to protest, civil marriages, how to protect privacy, links and referrals to places to go for help.
ACLU, National Capital Area
Discussion of lawsuits they are involved in, and a background of the national organization. Interesting discussion of arrests of demonstrators in Washington, D.C. park.
American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut (ACLU-CT)
Legislative and court updates, mission, contact information, links to government sites.
Iowa Civil Liberties Union
Press releases, local events, legislative updates, information on how to obtain legal assistance. [Requires Flash].
Maine Civil Liberties Union (MCLU)
Current events and news. Maine legislation, guides to civil rights violations, newsletters, education/outreach, and prison project.
Massachusetts ACLU
Offers details on litigation and threats to rights.
New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union (NHCLU)
Position papers, mission, summary of rights, wallet cards, newsletters. Summary of court actions, pending legislation, and current events.
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