Lists regulatory agencies in the USA dealing with workers' compensation.

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Alaska Division of Workers' Compensation
Includes links to documents, forms, legal research, employer information and other workers' compensation resources.
Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission (AWCC)
Offers information about rules, procedures, and practices as well as claim assistance.
California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation
Includes news releases, fact sheets, studies and projects, educational materials and related resources.
California Workers' Compensation Appeals Board
Exercises all judicial powers vested in it by the Labor Code. Includes decisions, petitions, titles, and regulations.
Colorado Division of Workers' Compensation
Provides information to enable injured workers, employers, insurance carriers and self-insured employers to comply with the statutory requirements of the Workers' Compensation Act and to encourage safety on the job and containment of costs.
Connecticut Workers' Compensation Commission
Comprehensive information on worker's compensation law, review board opinions, news, glossary of terms.
Florida Division of Workers' Compensation
Part of the Department of Financial Services. Educates and informs stakeholders, compiles and monitors data, and holds parties accountable for meeting their obligations.
Idaho Industrial Commission
Regulates workers' compensation activities, settles disputes between injured workers and insurers, and provides compensation to innocent victims of crime.
Illinois Workers' Comp Commission
The state court for workers' compensation cases. Includes FAQ, handbook, and information about insurance.
Indiana Workers' Compensation Board
Provides dispute resolution for injured workers and employers by administering both formal adjudication and informal dispute resolution. Includes sections for employers, employees, and insurance carriers.
Iowa - Division of Workers' Compensation
Part of the Iowa Workforce Development. Answers commonly asked questions about workers’ compensation and provides the community with the information and services they require.
Michigan - Workers' Compensation Agency
Part of the Department of Labor and Economic Growth, the agency administers the Workers' Disability Compensation Act. Includes sections for publications, Board of Magistrates, funds administration, and insurance compliance.
Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court
Mission is to administer and enforce provisions of the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act. Court has both judicial and regulatory authority.
Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission
Administers the Workers' Compensation Act, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund, and the Birth-Related Neurological Injury Program.
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