Free informational sites about product liability litigation against the tobacco industry.

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Are Punitive Damages Enough
Columnist comments on a trial outcome, summarizes the judge's decision and reasoning.
Big Tobacco's Worst Nightmare
Profile of Cheryl Perry, an epidemiology professor at the University of Minnesota, who become an expert in the industry's own words on promoting cigarettes to children.
Gallop Poll for Philip Morris on Surgeon General's Warning
In public the tobacco industry says "everyone knew" the risks of smoking. But this 1973 survey secretly done for Philip Morris showed that only 3.1% of smokers were aware of the Surgeon General's health warning.
Interview with G. Robert Blakey
In an interview, Robert Blankey, a former federal prosecuter and the author of the federal RICO statute, compares the cigarette industry to the Mafia and recommends using RICO laws to criminally prosecute the tobacco industry.
The Jesse Williams Case
Summary of an individual case against Philip Morris.
The Shredding of BAT's defense: McCabe vs. British American Tobacco Australia
Policy journal analyzes tobacco industry destruction of evidence committed in litigation of an Australian smoker.
A Tobacco Lawsuit Primer
Article describes the different types of litigation outstanding against tobacco companies.
Tobacco On Trial
Weblog covers the history of Department of Justice trial against the tobacco industry. Features trial updates, transcripts, original reporting, analysis, and behind the scenes interviews.
Tobacco Trial Lawyers Association
Supports and represents those who fight on behalf of consumers injured or killed by tobacco. Membership is open to those with a substantial interest in fighting consumer cases.
Big Tobacco's Nemesis
Howard Acosta has sued tobacco companies about 150 times, without earning a penny, but he's no quitter. (April 17, 2003)
Blaming Tobacco's Victims
Op-ed examines society's tendency to blame smokers, and explains why juries are less willing to do so: tobacco industry recruiting of kids, decades-long efforts to cloud the issue, and engineering of product for addiction. (July 07, 2002)
Smoked Out
An essay by Harvard Law professor Kip Viscusi arguing that the settlement of the lawsuit against tobacco firms didn't penalize those firms, but instead penalized smokers, the so-called victims. (May 19, 2002)
Will Litigation Become Part of Public Health Arsenal in Canada's War Against Smoking?
Discussion of documents obtained through U.S. litigation against tobacco companies, and how it affects the potential for similar litigation in Canada. From the Canadian Medical Association Journal. (May 30, 2000)
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