Weblogs on criminal law subjects.

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Arbitrary and Capricious
Criminal defense issues, emphasizing the defense of indigents, from an Idaho public defender.
Ashcroft v. Raich
Case materials and scholarly commentary regarding federal criminal jurisdiction over medical marijuana.
Bennett and Bennett - Defending People Blog
Criminal law commentary focusing on Texas.
Best Defense
Stories and developments in the world of federal criminal defense, from a Puerto Rico attorney.
Blonde Justice
Personal accounts from a public defender.
Crime & Federalism
Discussing recent news and court opinions, with an emphasis on federalism and criminal law.
Weblog devoted to criminal law issues from a Virginia attorney.
CrimProf Blog
Resources, information, and news for the academic community, by Professors Chester H. Smith of the University of Arizona College of Law, and Mark A. Godsey of the University of Cincinnati College of Law.
Cyber Crime Law
Weblog focusing on detecting, preventing, and dealing with online crime.
Eyewitness Identification Reform Blog
Discussing problems and possible solutions relating to faulty eyewitness identification.
Federal Crimes Blog
Discussion of criminal defense issues from the law firm, McNabb Associates.
Hochberg, Levin & Zeiger LLP
Commentary focusing on Pennsylvania criminal law.
Macondo Law
An attorney's weblog addressing matters of interest to federal criminal defense lawyers in Puerto Rico.
Mirriam Seddiq - Not Guilty
Discussion of criminal defense law, practice and issues.
A Public Defender
Discussing recent developments in criminal law, with a focus on the state of Connecticut.
Public Defender Dude
Stories from the life of a public defender, and commentary on legal developments.
Puerto Rico Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Legal updates sponsored by the association.
Sentencing Law and Policy
Information and commentary about criminal sentencing guidelines and capital sentencing, by Professor Douglas A. Berman of Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University.
Truth About False Confessions
Discussions of false confessions, why they occur, and how they may be prevented.
White Collar Crime Prof Blog
Resources, information, and news for the academic community, from Professors Peter J. Henning of Wayne State University Law School and Ellen S. Podgor of Georgia State University College of Law.
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