This category is for issues around the use of landmines in the world, including sites concerning working for a global ban on landmines, and humanitarian demining and other work being done.

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Non-profit organisation using detection rats technology to clear landmines and detect tuberculosis. Issues, their results, and FAQs.
Cleared Ground Demining
Not-for-profit NGO specialising in land mine clearing and demining solutions. Provide events, services, projects and contact information.
Design, develop and manufacture metal and mine detectors used extensively by the military and police forces.
Halo Trust
British organization specialising in the removal of the debris of war, such as mine clearing.
Horizon The Demining People
An Indian NGO committed to Post Conflict Environment Management including demining. Provides activities, plans and contact information.
How Landmines Work
Provides a photographic tour of the different types of landmines, their basic operation and the techniques used to clear mine fields.
INCORE Guide to Internet Sources on Landmines
Directory of information on landmines.
International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL)
Global network working for a ban on landmines and cluster munitions. Co-laureate of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize. Provides campaign status, events, and current news.
International Mine Action Standards
Current UNMAS standards in force for all UN mine action operations. Resources, links and technical notes.
Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor
Civil society based reporting network for monitoring nations' compliance with the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty and other aspects of the global landmine crisis. Provides reports, database resources, fact sheets and contact information.
International Red Cross information on landmines.
Lanmine Campaign
Children's Rights Across the world campaign on landmines. Information about the Nobel Peace Prize and the ICBL Committee.
MAG (Mines Advisory Group)
MAG is a humanitarian organisation clearing the remnants of conflict for the benefit of communities worldwide. MAG is co-laureate of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize.
MgM - Menschen gegen Minen - People against Landmines
Humanitarian Foundation of People Against Landmines. A German charity actively demining in Southern Africa and developing safe methods of area clearance. Provides news, MgM profiles, projects and resources.
Mine Action Information Center at James Maidson University
Clearinghouse for information and resources regarding international humanitarian demining efforts and mine action issues. News. links and resources.
Roots of Peace
A non-profit organization aiming to remove landmines and return land to agriculture. Its first efforts have focused on exchanging mines for vines. Aims, achievements, history.
Ukrainian Mine Action InfoCentre
Provides information on campaign to ban landmines in Ukraine.
United Nations Mine Action Centre
Information gateway developed to support both the planning and coordination of global mine action efforts. Resources, projects, news awareness and contact information.
United States Campaign to Ban Landmines
Affiliate of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. Mission to urge the US President and congress to join the Mine Ban Treaty and to support legislation that promotes victim assistance and demining.

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