This category is for sites on the use of depleted uranium in military technology, an effective yet highly toxic ordnance used by the United States.

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American Gulf War Veterans Association (AGWVA)
DU updates from group seeking treatment for Gulf War Illness.
DU-Watch Mailing List
The premier public email list on depleted uranium issues, managed by Stop NATO. Nearly all prominent anti-DU campaigners participate or monitor this list.
Depleted Uranium Education Project
Part of International Action Center, founded by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark.
Depleted Uranium Metal Of Dishonor
"How the Pentagon radiates soldiers and civilians with DU weapons." Book excerpts and chapters. (1997)
Depleted Uranium Munitions: New Weapons of Indiscriminate and Mutually Assured Destruction
1999 lecture by Malcolm Hooper, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Gulf Veterans' Association UK. (PDF) - Depleted Uranium
Photos, specifications and performance facts on known penetrator munitions and military technologies that use depleted uranium.
Gulf War Veterans and Depleted Uranium
By Dr. Rosalie Bertell, focusing on health effects, inhalation exposure and medical testing.
International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW)
An European organization of over 80 grassroots groups seeking a ban on DU weapons.
LAKA Foundation (National Nuclear Energy Archive)
Documentation and research center on nuclear energy in Holland has published many reports on DU.
Low Level Radiation Campaign (LLRC)
Researching the health effects of low level ionising radiation pollution. Home of journal, Radioactive Times.
NATO Information - Depleted Uranium
Briefings, presentations and locational data from NATO on the use of depleted uranium ammunition in Bosnia and Kosovo.
Study suggests cancer risk from depleted uranium
The Guardian: Researchers have shown DU damages DNA in human lung cells.
Traprock Peace Center
Contains photos, articles, campaigns, and interviews on depleted uranium, its impact, and cover-ups of its toxicity.
Uranium Medical Research Centre
Overview of medical research project that tests urine and tissue samples from people exposed to DU.
World Information Service on Energy (WISE) Uranium Project
Health and environmental impacts of depleted uranium. News, maps and resources on depleted uranium.
World Uranium Weapons Conference 2003
Trojan Horse of a Nuclear War - An International Educational/Organizing Conference
Yggdrasil Institute: Uranium Enrichment Project
A project of Earth Island Institute which monitors the US uranium enrichment establishment. Publishes the monthly Uranium Enrichment Newsletter. Yggdrasil is also updating Nuclear France, a guide to the French nuclear industry.
Remains of Toxic Bullets Litter Iraq
A Christian Science Monitor reporter finds heavy levels of radiation from DU munitions. (May 15, 2003)
Depleted uranium casts shadow over peace in Iraq
New Scientist story finds fear among scientists of widespread DU harm (April 15, 2003)
Depleted Uranium Fears
Special "In Depth" report section from the BBC Web site collating links to BBC stories and background information on depleted uranium. (January 01, 2001)
Depleted Uranium Health Effects
Gulf War Illness - Understanding of Health Effects from Depleted Uranium Evolving but Safety Training Needed. US General Accounting Office report to Congress (GAO/NSIAD-00-70). [PDF] (March 01, 2000)

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