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CQ Press in Context - Recent Terrorism Events
Information from a variety of CQ Press sources relevant to 9/11 including the political and religious history of Afghanistan, the Clinton administration's strikes on Usama bin Laden, war, religion, jihad, combating terrorism, Islamic fundamentalism, and the Middle East Conflict.
FOX News: Coverage of the Attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon
Story archive plus background information and photo essays, multimedia and video clips. USA.
Guardian Unlimited Weblog Special: Terror in the US
Their pick of the best online journalism worldwide about the terrorist attack. Includes eyewitness accounts, reactions elsewhere and background stories. UK.
Guardian Unlimited: Special Report: Terrorism Crisis
Ongoing coverage: news, comment and analysis, focus by country, what the other papers say, audio, video and interactive. UK.
The Gully: Burning Issues - The WTC Attack
News from a gay perspective: small collection of articles plus links to web resources. USA. America Responds
News articles, equipment guides (USA and Taliban), maps, information about Special Operations Forces and resources for those in uniform. USA.
NPR: Terror in America
Story archives and essays, photos and online discussion. Audio links to live coverage and two of President Bush's speeches. USA.
PBS: America Responds
Analysis and insight, plus background resources. Public Broadcasting System, USA.
Rediff: The Attack on US Cities
Collection of news and commentary, interviews, photos and links. India.
Socialist Worker: Don't Turn Tragedy Into War
Collection of articles, interviews and reports, analysis and background. USA.
USA Today: America on Alert
Collection of stories, photo galleries, interactive graphics, audio/video and talk. Organized by topic and date. USA.
People's Daily: US Strikes Afghanistan
Headline news and archives. China. [English/Chinese/Japanese/Spanish/Russian/Arabic/French] (February 10, 2002)
Media Coverage After the September 11 Terrorist Attack (Generation sXeptic)
Essay asks how well have the media covered the September 11 attack? (October 01, 2001)

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