The Age: War on Terror
Archived news and commentary from March through August 2002. Australia.
BBC: Investigating al-Qaeda
News and analysis, fact files, backgrounders, key players, photos, audio and video clips. UK.
BBC: Investigating Terror
Information about the key people, organisations, places and the evidence linking them. UK.
CNN: War Against Terror
News, analysis, commentary, interactives, photos, video, audio and web resources. USA.
Final Call: America at War
Weblog of news, editorials and opinions intended to reflect an assortment of news sources and views outside of mainstream media, not necessarily reflecting the views of Nation of Islam, the host website.
The Guardian - Weblog Special: Attack on Afghanistan
Collection of articles from around the net discussing the rights and wrongs of the US-attack on Afghanistan.
The Gully Burning Issues: The WTC Attack
News from a gay perspective: small collection of articles plus weblog and links to web resources. USA. America Responds
News articles, equipment guides (USA and Taliban), maps, information about Special Operations Forces and resources for those in uniform. USA.
New York Times: A Nation Challenged
Archives by day and subject including news and commentary, interviews, photographer's journals, graphics, video, audio, interactives and readers' opinions. Learning Network for students and Portraits of Grief. Requires free registration. USA.
PBS: America Responds
Analysis and insight, plus background resources. Public Broadcasting System, USA.
People's Daily: US Strikes Afghanistan
Archived headline news 2001-2002. China. [Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish] America's War on Terror
2001-2003 collection of news and commentary, interviews, photos and links. India. - War on Terrorism
Archived news reports and analysis on the War on Terrorism.
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