This category covers the policy of America towards the so-called "War on Terrorism", and discussions about the position and action of governments.

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Al Gore's Speech on Iraq
Transcript of the former US vice-president's speech on Iraq and the war on terrorism.
The Algebra of Infinite Justice
Operation Enduring Freedom is ostensibly being fought to uphold the American Way of Life, but it'll probably end up undermining it completely, writes Arundhati Roy.
America's Imperial War
The liberals who backed the Afghan bombing are now lined up with rampant US militarism. By George Monbiot, The Guardian, UK.
Anti-Americanism Has Taken the World by Storm
The US has an ideological enemy harder to defeat than militant Islam: anti-Americanism. A comment by Salman Rushdie.
Back to the Revolution
Jonathan Freedland points out the difference between honoring the ideals of America's founding fathers and acceptance of the US-government's policy. The Guardian, UK.
Bush Aiming at Wrong Target, US Critics Fear
An upsurge in terrorist attacks around the world fuels criticism of the Bush administration's plans against Iraq. The Guardian, UK.
CIA: War on Terrorism
Offers statements and interviews, a handbook for chemical, biological and radiological incidents, and links.
Gore Vidal: Taking Liberties
An extract from "The Last Empire".
Guardian Unlimited Special report: George Bush's America
Coverage of American politics in general and foreign politics in special, including links to Special Reports on the conflict with Iraq and the war in Afghanistan.
My Vision for Peace
Former President Bill Clinton says the threat of terrorism can only be countered by repairing the widening rift between the haves and the have-nots of the planet.
The US Department of Defense
Offers news, background information, a database for military systems and equipment used, multimedia, photo gallery and links to other government and military departments.
Washington Hawks Get Power Boost
Analyses the ongoing debate between the defense establishment and the state department in Washington, and profiles some of the "hawks". The Guardian, UK.
White House Chief Warns of Lurch to Right
Commentary on the political balance in the US administration after the resignation of Karen Hughes.
Wider War on Terrorism Watch
A weblog of articles, news reports, and commentaries chronicling and reflecting on the inclinations of influential officials, policy analysts, and political actors to widen the war, by the Project on Defense Alternatives.
World Trade Center Terrorism and the Corporations
Offers alternative views on US politics: commentary and external links.
Salon - The New Pentagon Papers
A high-ranking military officer reveals how Defense Department extremists suppressed information and twisted the truth to drive the US to war. (March 10, 2004)

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