This category covers the policy of nations towards the so-called "War on Terrorism" proclaimed by the USA, and discussions about the position and action of governments.

In the main category are listed the websites of multinational organizations (UN, NATO), articles discussing bilateral and multinational relations, and articles focusing on International Law.

Websites of governments on the issue, organizations dedicated to promote or to criticize the government of their country, and commentary on the international policy of a special country is listed in the sub-categories by continent and country.

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Anti-American has Become a Thought-killing Smear
Hugo Young points out the necessity of serious debate between Americans and Europeans, instead of mutual accusations. The Guardian, UK.
The Bush Doctrine Makes Nonsense of the UN Charter
Commentary on the new concept of pre-emption described by the US president in a speech at West Point.
For God's Sake, Stop this Talk of War
An Essay by Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Wales. The Guardian, UK.
George Bush's Speech in Berlin
Transcript of the speech in the German Bundestag.
NATO and the Scourge of Terrorism
Offers basic texts and transcripts, and information on the deployment of NATO troops [some documents are translated in English, French, Ukrainian and Russian].
UK Caught Up in Row Over War Crimes Court
America's opposition to the new international criminal court grew more aggressive when it became known that Britain had negotiated an agreement to protect its own troops in Afghanistan from war crimes prosecutions.
UN Actions to Counter Terrorism
Latest developments, reports on the work of the General Assembly and the Security Council, conventions, declarations, links to the UN-agencies and multimedia.
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