This category is for sites on personal commentaries on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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Cal Tzedek
This weblog is published by students at the University of California at Berkley. The stated philosophy is as follows: "Tzedek is dedicated to supporting Israel and the Jewish community by upholding principles of peace, justice and human rights. We consider a moral concern for the rights of oppressed people, minorities, and refugees as central to our Jewish identities."
Presenting a Jewish perspective on the history of Palestine and Israel, with historic photographs, and links to news, analysis, resource, and opinion websites.
Facts of Israel
Provides information on Israel and the history of the conflict from a pro-Israeli perspective, including maps, links for related resources, and a timeline of suicide bombings. Includes a weblog with news and commentary on conflict-related issues. With newsletter, guestbook, free screensaver and AvantGo channels.
Ganchrow World View
Mendy Ganchrow is the past president of the Orthodox Union as well as the former Executive Vice President of the Religious Zionists of America. He writes: "I intend to concentrate on commenting on serious issues, which in light of my long involvement in public policy can engender a unique point of view."
Lawrence of Cyberia
This weblog offers commentary and critique on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by a specialist in international relations. Includes a collection of links and resources.
Michael Neumann's Israel-Palestine Page
This page contains links to the author's articles on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, many of them in the progressive online journal Counterpunch. There are also a few links to other information sources.
An Italian perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "I believe that the Palestinian people have the right to return to their homeland, and that Israel, in order to truly be a land that can call itself a democracy, has to abandon its character as a Jewish State, and become a State for all, from the Jordan to the Mediterranean."
Lee Underwood supports the concept of an undivided State of Israel. Articles and news summaries with commentary from a strongly pro-Israeli and Biblical viewpoint.
Smooth Stone
From the author: "Smooth Stone is about Israel and defending Israel's right to exist. We separate the myths from the facts."
Stop the Israel-Palestine Conflict
A proposal for a peaceful solution to the conflict by Woodrow Wicox, dated 2002.
Tikun Olam: Make the World a Better Place
This weblog by Richard Silverstein focuses on U.S. and Mideast politics, with additional commentary on other subjects such as the arts and world music. The perspective is Jewish-Progressive.
Truth in the Middle East Webring
This page consists of links to pro-Israel sites that are supportive of Israel. Pro-Israel sites are encouraged to join.
A Witness In Palestine
Jewish-American Anna Baltzer writes about what she learned about Palestinians when she taught in Israel. Includes information about her book, DVD, presentations, photos, maps, charts and how to get involved.
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