Israeli, Palesntinian, and international groups and organizations dedicated to advancing the interests of peace in the region.

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Americans for Peace Now
Information on the Middle East peace process and Israel from a grassroots peace organization.
Association for One Democratic State in Palestine / Israel
Promotes the solution of the conflict by establishing one democratic non-discriminatory state for all people. Offering opinion articles, newsletter, contact information and profiles of the members.
Churches for Middle East Peace
Advocating for a peaceful resolution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and an end to Israeli settlement in the occupied territories. Information about the group, its activities, policy analysis, resources, and an archive of letters to public officials.
Combatants for Peace
Israeli and Palestinian individuals who were actively involved in the cycle of violence in their area, now committed to two states living in peace. Includes events, personal stories, photos and videos. [Arabic, English, Hebrew]
The First Steps to a Better Future
A plan for simultaneous marches in the U.S., Israel and Palestinian territory to build a mandate for nonviolence in the Middle East.
Foundation for Middle East Peace
Promoting peace between Israel and Palestine, via two states, that meets the fundamental needs of both peoples. Includes a profile, photos, reports, articles, expert analyses, maps and information on settlements.
Givat Haviva Educational Foundation
Educates for peace, democracy, coexistence and understanding between Jewish and Arab Israelis, through programs and courses. US-based, received the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education in 2001.
Gush Shalom
Israeli peace movement group includes articles, documents, actions and discussion forum. [Arabic, English, Hebrew, Russian]
Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace
The institute supports major studies on the history, politics, and social development of the non-Western world, with focus on the Middle East. Provides information on research projects, events and publications, on the library and documentation center. With links for related websites, including the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Education Network (IPPEN).
If Americans Knew
Seeking to provide a full view of Israel and Palestine.
Independent Jewish Voices
network of Jews in Britain who share a commitment to certain principles, especially with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in mind: putting human rights first, rejecting all forms of racism, and giving equal priority to Palestinians and Israelis in their quest for a peaceful and secure future.
Israel Policy Forum
A not-for-profit, nonpartisan organization supporting active and sustained American efforts aimed at resolving the conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors.
Jewish Peace Fellowship
Founded by Rabbis in 1941. Supports conscientious objectors.
Jewish Voice For Peace
Dedicated to the rights of Jews, Palestinians, and all peoples in the Middle East. Believes conflict won't end until Israel removes settlements. Petition, list server, resources, media.
Middle East Peace Camp for Children
A summer camp in Seattle, Washington, where Arab and Jewish communities teach peace to Middle Eastern children to take back home.
Peace Research Institute in the Middle East (PRIME)
Non-governmental, nonprofit organization established by Palestinian and Israeli researchers to pursue mutual coexistence and peace-building through joint research and outreach activities. Includes study and conference summaries, articles and projects.
The Peres Center for Peace
Initiates joint projects with regional and international partners to build an infrastructure for peace by advancing social-economic cooperation and people-to-people relations. Offers information on projects and activities, a newsletter, reports and multimedia. Includes a collection of links for related sites.
Seeds of Peace
Seeds of Peace is a non-profit, non-political organization that helps teenagers from regions of conflict learn the skills of making peace.
Ta'ayush Arab Jewish Partnership
Works to bring an end to the demolition of Palestinian homes and the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Includes news and information on upcoming events. [Arabic, English, Hebrew]
Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel
Burlington-based group includes news articles and background material along with their cable TV program schedule, event calendar and information for supporters and contributors.
Visions of Peace with Justice in Israel/Palestine
An association of Jews in Greater Boston working to promote a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians based on mutual respect, justice, and equality.
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