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Non-PAC self-identified as 'America's pro-Israel lobby', working to strengthen relations between the United States and Israel. Offers Middle East news, analysis and resources for policymakers, media, students and activists.
Americans for a Safe Israel
Advocates that possession and control of Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan are important for Israel and believes that a strong Israel is essential to U.S. security. The group encourages activism, organizes events and releases statements critical of foreign interference in Israel peace talks.
Ariel Center for Policy Research
Seeks to stimulate and inform the debates concerning all aspects of Israel's security policy.
Christian Friends of Israeli Communities (CFOIC)
Established in 1995 in response to the Oslo Accords and helping Jewish settlements there cope with terrorism by providing equipment and helping children there. Based in Karnei Shomron, Israel.
Christians United for Israel
Provides a national association through which every pro-Israel church, parachurch organization, ministry or individual in America can speak and act with one voice in support of Israel in matters related to Biblical issues.
Facts and Logic About the Middle East
Publishes advertisements in major U.S. newspapers regarding developments in Israel and exposes propaganda that might harm the interests of the United States and its allies in that area of the world.
Freeman Center for Strategic Studies
Focused on research into military and strategic issues pertaining to Israel-Arab conflicts. Includes information on the research staff, a monthly newsletter, resources and links. Based in Houston, Texas.
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
This evangelical Christian organization was created to help the people of Israel, according to Scriptural mandate.
Israel Emergency Solidarity Fund - One Family
Provides financial and emotional assistance to victims of terrorism in Israel.
Israel resources from Hillel
Hillel's page about Israel. Hillel is the largest Jewish campus organization in the world, which provides opportunities for Jewish students to explore and celebrate their Jewish identity through its global network.
An independent non-profit group, provides information and tools to be a pro-Israel activist. Contains information about Israeli programs, factsheets, articles, campaigns, and list of links.
J Street
Supporting Israel and its desire for security as the Jewish homeland, as well as the right of the Palestinians to a sovereign state of their own. Promoting meaningful American leadership to end the Arab-Israeli and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts peacefully and diplomatically.
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
An independent, non-profit institute for policy research and education serving Israel and the Jewish people since 1976.
Jerusalem Summit
Jewish-Christian think-tank that considers how to reduce the tensions in and around Israel while maintaining Israeli security.
Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA)
Aims to educate Americans on the importance of a strong U.S. defense, and give information on the role Israel plays in bolstering democratic interests in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.
Mesora - One Israel Fund
Committed to collecting money to run two ads per month in the New York Times, which show support for Israel and its fight against terrorism.
National Action Committee- NACPAC
America's largest pro-Israel political committee with members in over 30 states. Supports Members of Congress who support a strong US-Israel alliance and the pro-Israel agenda.
A Package from Home
Campaign to send packages to Israeli soldiers. Provides information for the costs to send a package or adopt a unit, and includes a honor roll of participating schools, a picture gallery and press reports.
Stand With Us
Aims to enhance Israel's image in the eyes of the world. The grassroots group concentrates on three main areas: Media Action for Israel, Call to Action for Israel and Educational Action for Israel.
Straight to the soldier
Helping Israeli combat soldiers, lone soldiers on the front lines with warm clothing. Provides assistance to soldiers from financially distressed families.
Lobbying the U.S. government for greater support of Israel's security, and for recognition of Biblical claims to the disputed territories. Includes information on activities, and how to participate.
Women in Green
The grassroot women movement provides information on its aims and activities, news and commentary. With activist and donor information, mailing list, links for related sites, photo and cartoon gallery.
Zionist Organization of America (ZOA)
Works to strengthen American-Israeli relations through educational activities, public affairs programs, support for pro-Israel legislation, and by combatting anti-Israel bias.
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