Describing incidents of violence directed at reporters in an effort to affect their coverage of events in Israel and the occupied territories.
Attacks Against Journalists in the West Bank and Gaza since September 2000
Documentation of attacks on media outlets and journalists by Israeli settlers and soldiers and by Palestinian militants, incidents of censorship by Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and the arrest of journalists, from the Committee for the Protection of Journalists.
BBC in press freedom row with Israel
Describing Israel's refusal to issue credentials to Palestinian journalists, supposedly out of security reasons, in conjunction with its offer to stop its interference if foreign news agencies accept a 'quota' of Israeli cameramen.
BBC protests after crew caught in violence - Media clampdown adds to dangers for reporters
Describing a protest lodged after Israeli troops opened fire on a British news crew filming a peaceful demonstration, and Israel's attempts to censor and block media coverage of their actions in the occupied territories.
Editors dismiss Israeli press chief's allegation of bias
Describing the reaction of the world press to statements by the head of the Israeli government press office that his bullying tactics and impeding their efforts to cover news events led them to make personnel changes.
Seaman lets it slip: Israel's bully has nothing to boast about
Describing the London Guardian's reaction to statements by the head of the Israeli government press office, who admitted leading efforts to bully and impede the efforts of reporters who did not adhere to Israel's official line when reporting on events in the occupied territories.
Michael Holmes: Israelis greet media with stun grenades
Describing how, without warning, Israel launched an unprovoked attack upon reporters and photographers attempting to cover the meeting between Arafat and U.S. envoy Anthony Zinni. (April 05, 2002)
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