This category contains news coverage, special reports, and other regularly updated information sources focusing on the conflict between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

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BBC News: Middle East Crisis
Ongoing news, analysis and comment focused on the Israel-Palestine conflict including a timeline, Q&A, background, local voices, peace initiatives and profiles of key players. UK.
Weekly e-zine of editorials representing Israeli and Palestinian perspectives on current events and developments relating to the occupied territories. Israel.
The Conversation: Israel-Palestine
News, research and analysis about the conflict, from leading academics and researchers worldwide.
The Guardian - Israel
Ongoing news stories, analysis and commentary with audio reports, timelines, interactive guides and documents. Includes maps, glossary and web resources. UK.
Guardian Weblog Special: Israel and the Intifada
Selection of analysis and commentary from international newspapers. UK.
Independent Media Review and Analysis (IMRA)
provides an extensive digest of media, polls, and significant interviews and events.
Islamic Association for Palestine News Server
Latest stories from occupied territories.
Israel Imperial News
E-zine arguing against Israel's occupation of Palestinian land, settlements, and mistreatment of the Palestinian people, produced by self-described Israeli dissidents.
Israel Information Office in Scotland
A collection of links to news reports from news sources around in Israel and the world.
Israel News Now
Collection of news sources including print, radio, electronic, and television concerning Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East.
Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre (JMCC)
A group of Palestinian journalists and researchers to provide information on events in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip.
News on the Israeli-Palestine conflict from an Israeli perspective.
Miftah - Initiative for Global Dialogue & Democracy
Commentaries by PLO spokeswoman Dr. Hanan Ashrawi and others, press releases, fact sheets on impact of occupation, polls.
A small I/P resistance news-service publishes reports from Palestine under IDF occupation.
Palestine Chronicle
Internet magazine covering issues related to Palestinian refugees, and other displaced people around the world. News, articles, interviews, editorial commentary, and features on business, and arts and culture. Background information on editorial board, journalists and contributors.
Palestine Monitor
News updates, editorials, and information, from a perspective sympathetic to the Palestinians.
Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture
A quarterly produced and run by both Palestinians and Israelis. Aims to shed light on, and analyze freely and critically, the complex issues dividing Israelis and Palestinians.
Said It
History, media analysis, news and personal essays on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the perspective of several Jewish women.
Scoop Full Coverage: Israel Palestine
Scoop's own archives of news and features plus links to other worldwide news sources.
Washington Post: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Coverage and analysis of recent developments. USA.
Writings of Israel Shamir
Editorials by the controversial Russian Israeli columnist.

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