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80 Theses - Draft for a New Peace Camp
Gush Shalom, a non-Zionist Israeli group presents a historical narrative attempts to integrate Jewish and Palestinian perspectives on the history of the conflict.
Almanac of Policy Issues - Israeli-United States Relations
History of US policy toward Israel since the Truman administration with an overview of current issues including the Israel-Palestine peace process and U.S. foreign assistance, from October 2002.
The Avalon Project at Yale Law School - The Middle East 1916-2001: A Documentary Record
Collection of official documents about Israel and Palestine from the UN, UK, US, Israel and several Arab countries.
Background Material on the Arab-Israeli Conflict.
A pro-Palestinian examination of the background of Arab - Israeli conflict and peace process with emphasis on historical documents. A compendium of reference information for those seeking deeper understanding of the issues.
Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem
Issa Nakhleh's e-book of articles about the Palestinian problem from an Arab Palestinian perspective.
Gush Shalom
The background of the conflict as presented by an Israeli/Jewish peace organization.
The Hashemites - As the Arabs See the Jews
Historical perspective on Zionism and Palestine written by King Abdullah of Jordan in The American Magazine, November 1947. - Arab-Israeli Conflict
Extensive, balanced and updated collection of links about every aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Guide to the Mideast Peace Process
Presentation of issues and documents related to the peace process.
Jewish Virtual Library - Myths & Facts Online
Pro-Zionist FAQ about Zionism and Israel.
NPR - The Mideast: A Century of Conflict
Seven-part radio series from September 2002 traces the history of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Includes maps, biographies and a timeline.
Palestine Remembered - Critical Analysis Of The Birth Of The Palestinian Refugee Problem
Extract from Israeli historian Benny Morris's book "Righteous Victims", published in 1999.
PBS - Frontline: Battle for the Holy Land
Documentary from April 2002 goes behind the lines and underground in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to reveal the tactics and strategies that led to the current violence.
Reviews in History:
Review of revisionist historian Avi Shlaim's "Iron Wall" with its thesis that it was Israeli militarism that provoked conflict with its Arab neighbors.
The Truth About Palestine
A view on the current Israel-Palestine situation presented from a Palestinian viewpoint.
Wikipedia - Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the history of the conflict. - A History of Zionism and the Creation of Israel
Analytic account of the rise of the Zionism Movement and the genesis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the Zionist point of view. Includes maps, photos and links to more detailed histories.
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