This category contains news coverage, special reports and other regularly updated information sources, covering military actions and international policy.

Sites and articles focusing on the media coverage and the work of journalists are also listed in this category.

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BBC News - In Depth - Conflict with Iraq
Articles and breaking news. [RSS]
BBC News - Iraq War Inquiry
Full coverage of the Iraq War Inquiry which commenced on 24 November 2009. Includes Q&A, key players, timelines, news, video reports and analysis. UK.
BBC News - Struggle for Iraq
Extensive ongoing coverage including analysis and commentary, audio and video clips, maps, military factfiles, a timeline, profiles and key documents. UK.
CNN: War in Iraq
News, analysis, commentary, interactives, photos, video, audio and web resources. USA. - Country Briefings: Iraq
Background material on Iraq includes news archives, country profile, economic data, forecasts, statistics, and backgrounders to the war and reconstruction. UK.
Electronic Iraq
The joint project from Voices in the Wilderness and The Electronic Intifada provides news, commentary, and links to selected articles in international sources. Includes diaries from eyewitnesses inside the country and mailing list.
The Guardian - Iraq
Continuing coverage about the country includes news and analysis, commentary, videos, interactives, timelines and backgrounders. UK.
The Guardian - Politics and Iraq
Ongoing coverage of postwar events in Iraq, the UK, the UN and elsewhere from a political viewpoint. Includes news and analysis with texts, weblogs, interviews and background material. UK.
The Gully: Sights on Iraq
Provides news, commentary, and headline review. Includes links to resources and antiwar sites.
Institute for War and Peace Reporting: Iraq
Reports, analysis, commentary and interviews, with focus on the views of Iraqis themselves inside the country and in exile.
Iraqi News
Includes editorials and links for news from international sources sorted by issue. With a country guide providing information on the country, its political situation, politicians and parties, and a discussion forum.
Founded by journalists, activists and Democracy Now! to distribute independent information and views from the country. Articles and links for background information, a collection of videos, photo essays and links for other resources.
Library of Congress - Portals to the World: Conflict in Iraq (2003-2004_
Includes links to comprehensive directories and databases related to the Iraq War as well as official government sources, anti-war resources, media resources, archaeology, museums and libraries.
Lincoln Journal Star - Local View: Going to War in Iraq Was a Mistake
Letter from U.S. Representative Doug Bereuter of Nebraska, giving his view of the errors and failings of the war and its aftermath, and concluding that based on the inadequate intelligence and faulty conclusions it was a mistake, especially without a broad and engaged international coalition. - Stop the War in Iraq
Collection of articles and video about the war and its aftermath.
New York Times: A Nation at War
Offers recent news and commentary, related documents and archivated articles covering the 1991 Gulf War. Includes interactive graphics and multimedia. USA [free registration necessary].
OutThereNews - Iraq
Articles, photos and links along with books and downloads.
PBS Frontline: Beyond Baghdad
Complete online video and transcript of the program using news, analysis and interviews. Includes interactive map, press reaction, tapes and transcripts, producer's chat, discussion forum, readings and links.
PBS Frontline: Bush's War
On the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, this definitive two-part series draws on Frontline's more than 40 reports on Iraq and the war on terror, as well as fresh reporting and interviews, to examine the lasting legacy of the Bush administration.
PBS Frontline: Chasing Saddam's Weapons
Analysis of the hunt for WMD and the unanswered questions. Includes interviews with Hans Blix and David Kay, FAQs, reporter's chat, discussion forum and additional resources.
PBS Frontline: Private Warriors
Report on the Pentagon's outsourcing to private contractors Halliburton/KBR, Blackwater, Aegis and Erinys to run US military supply lines, provide armed protection, and operate U.S. military bases. Questions where they fit in the chain of command, their effect on the military and the price being paid.
PBS Frontline: The Invasion of Iraq
Retrospective from one year later uses interviews, chronology and analysis. Includes video excerpt, tapes and transcripts, producer's chat, teacher's guide, discussion forum, FAQs, readings and links.
PBS Frontline: Truth, War and Consequences
Transcripts and complete video of why the US went to war against Iraq, what went wrong and what's at stake. Includes interviews with Ahmed Chalabi and several US officials, teacher's guide, discussion forum and additional resources.
Socialist Worker Online: Iraq
Opinion articles, analysis, news on the antiwar movement and links for related resources.
UN OCHA ReliefWeb - Iraq
Provides latest updates on emergencies, sector reports, appeals and financial tracking along with background information and employment vacancies.
Wall Street Journal - The Fight for Iraq
Ongoing coverage of the war in Iraq, terrorism, and related news.

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