Information about the present conflict between India and Pakistan.

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"Propaganda War" Receives a Makeover
Pakistan's president has taken steps to improve his country's image in the intractable conflict with India.
Arundhati Roy: Under the Nuclear Shadow
Describes the life of people in India under the threat of nuclear war. The Observer, UK.
BBC News Special Report: Flashpoint Kashmir
Examines the roots and causes of the Kashmir dispute [Last update: 2000].
BBC News: The Future of Kashmir?
Looks at possible scenarios for the outcome of the Kashmir dispute.
Benazir Bhutto: Musharraf Must Go
The former prime minister of Pakistan and leader of the largest opposition party says that a regime change in Islamabad is the only way to prevent a war.
Global Policy Forum: India and Pakistan
Monitoring international policy-making at the United Nations, and offering U.N. documents, articles and an archive on the Kashmir conflict.
India Pakistan Arms Race and Militarisation Watch
E-mail discussion group for peace activists, covering arms sales to the region, acquisitions, development and deployment of new weapons, the implications of militarisation, and the conduct of intelligence agencies.
India's Deadly Defence: the 1,800 Mile Long Minefield
Indian army and security forces have started to lay hundreds of thousands of anti-personnel mines along the entire length of its 1,800-mile border with Pakistan.
Salman Rushdie: In Kashmir, Déjà-vu is a Way of Life
A comment on the history of the conflict and the reluctance of the international community to intervene. The Guardian, UK.
Time to Hear Kashmir's Cry
Describes the dangerous mood in the province.
Wage Peace, Not War
Conflict in Kashmir could vaporise millions, but the world's "moral leaders" are looking away, states George Monbiot. The Guardian, UK.
Wake-Up Call
Henry Porter comments on the surprising little international response to the Kashmir conflict.
Why Nuclear Conflict is a Real Threat
Reports on the danger of a nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan. The Guardian, UK.
£1Bn Arms Push to India
The UK is mounting an intensive campaign to boost arms sales to India, in spite of the danger of the India-Pakistan dispute over Kashmir spilling into war and destabilising the entire region.
August 1914 in Pakistan
Nicholas D. Kristoff reports on the opinions of Pakistani citizens. (June 14, 2002)

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