This category is for sites on warfare and conflict between Ethipoia and Eritrea in the late 1990's.

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Brothers Divided by War
Children pay the price as former allies Eritrea and Ethiopia battle over border. The Guardian, UK.
Ethiopia and Eritrea - Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
List of volunteers, stories and photos from service in the countries 1962-1976 and 1995-1999 and bibliography.
Ethiopia and Eritrea Set for "All-out War"
Intense fighting breaks out between Eritrea and Ethiopia in the border area of Badme. A report in the Guardian, UK.
Human Rights Watch: Mass Expulsions and the Nationality Issue
Report on citizens and residents of Ethiopia and Eritrea who were uprooted and deprived of their residence and nationality during the 1998-2000 border war.
Human Waves Fall as War Aims Unfold
Ethiopia's Tigrayan-dominated regime wants a path to the sea - through neighbouring Eritrea.
Silent Passage
A report on the fate of people deported from Ethiopia to Eritrea.
Victims of Horn of Africa's Fruitless Frontier War
Thousands of soldiers recruited for the Eriteran and Ethiopian armies have been slaughtered in a futile war between the two previously friendly neighbours. Audrey Gillan talks to young prisoners who only yearn for peace and to return to their homes. The Guardian, UK.
When Two Tribes Go to War, Only the Arms Dealers Win
Two poor but independent African states Ethiopia and Eritrea are fighting each other with modern tanks, aircraft and artillery for the sake of a few miles of stony nothingness. The Guardian, UK.
How Allies Became Enemies
Discusses one of the causes that led to the war after Eritrea became independent. BBC, UK. (April 23, 2002)
Conflict Between Ethiopia and Eritrea
Explains the historical motives of the war and offers links for background information. (February 09, 2002)
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