This category contains news coverage, special reports and other regularly updated information sources on the situation in Afghanistan, covering military actions, political conflicts, peacekeeping efforts and reconstruction. Sites and articles focusing on the media coverage and the work of journalists in Afghanistan are also listed in this category.

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The Guardian - Why We Must Show the Dead
Eamonn McCabe explains the reasons for publishing photographs of war's victims.
Hope in a Ruined Land
Photojournal by Tyler Hicks for the New York Times, showing the country in summer 2002. Includes audio commentary, transcript and map.
How Smart Was This Bomb?
Did the US mean to hit the Kabul offices of Al-Jazeera TV? Some journalists are convinced it was targeted for being on the 'wrong side'. A report by Matt Wells in the Guardian.
Institute for War and Peace Reporting: Afghanistan
Weekly reports on human rights and media issues, and information on the IWPR's efforts to train Afghan journalists. [Dari, English, Pashto]
Journalists Fight "Hidden War" in Afghanistan
US military and Northern Alliance may have colluded to keep journalists away from areas in Afghanistan where special forces were operating. The Guardian, UK.
Know Nothing About Afghanistan? Blame the Death of the Documentary
The audience is flooded with news, but the media reduce Afghans to either victims or warriors. - CAN in Kandahar
News/opinion aggregator highlighting news and open source information about the Canadian deployment in Kandahar province, with some coverage of events in nearby Helmand and Oruzgan provinces.
First 'Internet War' Gives Americans Non-American Viewpoints
Anick Jesdanun discusses and lists websites giving Americans foreign viewpoints on the conflict in Afghanistan. (October 18, 2001)
The Iranian: Limbs of No Body
Commentary by Mohsen Makhmalbaf, an Iranian film-maker who has produced two feature films on Afghanistan, on the reasons for the high mortality and emigration rates. Photo essay by Ali Khaligh. (June 20, 2001)
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