This category contains sites relating to the Civil War in Afghanistan since the end of the Soviet Occupation, its motives, and history.

It covers the military actions taking place, political relations between different Afghan factions or between foreign nations and Afghanistan, the peacekeeping efforts led by the United Nations, the establishment of the Interim Administration, and international reconstruction help.

General coverage on the US-led international campaign against terrorism can be in the War on Terrorism category.

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Related categories 4 - Afghanistan Military Guide
Overview plus information about the Afghan army, militia and air force, urban area, militia and airbase facilities, along with maps, references and links.
The Other War in Afghanistan
Fighting between rival warlords with American links is threatening to undermine the US and British campaign against al-Qaida guerrillas. The Guardian, UK.
Scott Carrier: From Afghanistan
A photo-audio-essay, with excerpts from the Harper's magazine article: "After the Fall, Letters from Afghanistan" (April 2002).
Strange Victory: A Critical Appraisal of the Afghanistan War
Carl Conetta reviews the 2001-2002 war in Afghanistan and its impact on terrorism, stability, and the humanitarian crisis. Including extensive bibliographies on several issues.
Wikipedia - Civil War in Afghanistan
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the civil war which began in 1978. Includes timeline of warlord, Russian, Taliban and War on Terror phases.
Anti-Taliban Soldier's Sad Life: Fighting is all He Has Known
The victory causes little joy for lots of anti-Taliban foot soldiers. Fighting relentlessly since they were old enough to hold a gun, they're illiterate and trained in nothing but guerrilla warfare. A report by Anna Badkhen. (December 19, 2001)

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