Problems of violence that youth face today including gangs, cults, bullying and possible solutions to these issues.

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Animal Abuse and Youth Violence
Frank R. Ascione's report for the U.S. Department of Justice describing the psychiatric, psychological and criminal research linking animal abuse to violence perpetrated by juveniles and adults. [pdf]
Break the Cycle
Empowering youth to end domestic violence.
Challenge Day
Non-profit organization committed to stopping teen violence and alienation.
Children's Bureau of Southern California
Information about child abuse prevention and treatment, parenting, foster care and adoption.
Children, Adolescence and Violence
Psychologist Michael Fenichel presents information and resources for parents, teachers, students, and counselors. Emphasis is on prevention, the "warning signs", causes, and effects of violence.
The Realities and Issues Facing Today's Juveniles
Susan Magestro explores teen problems such as bullying, drug use, school shooting, gangs, and family issues.
Violent Kids Information Site
A website for students, teachers and others who want to learn more about the psychological characteristics of kids who kill.
Youth Alive
Programs by and for teens to reduce violence in communities and schools.
Youth Indicators 1996
A statistical compilation of data on family structure, jobs, education, and other elements that comprise the world of young people. Where possible, long-term trend data are provided in a historical context for interpretation. Source: National Center For Education Statistics (NCES). Available in both HTML and PDF format (2.4 M).
Youth Violence Resources
Listings of and links to articles, agencies, organizations and websites to find help and information about youth, teen and adolescent violence and bullying issues.
YouthWEB Online
Youngsters, teens and adults from diverse backgrounds fight against bias, bigotry and prejudice. People can report hate-related incidents and get information about school violence, and human rights.

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