Sexual harassment is unwanted and unwelcome behavior, or attention, of a sexual nature. It ranges from behavior that is mildly annoying, to extreme offenses, and even force sexual activity. Sexual advances, statements about sexual orientation or sexuality, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature all constitute sexual harassment. The behavior may be direct or implied.

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Ask Amy: Sexual Harassment
Q-and-A page maintained by
Blank Noise Project
Weblog for the campaign against "Eve Teasing" in India.
Equal Rights Advocates
ERA provides advocacy and legal guidance to women and girls.
The Feminist Majority: Sexual Harassment 911
Provides information on definitions and legal options, along with a database of resources.
Harassment Resolution Services
Advocacy for young people, along with information about the mediation process.
Male Survivor Issues and Resources
Offers resources to male survivors of sexual assault, most of which are also applicable to male victims of chronic or severe sexual harassment.
Men's Rights
Focus on "false allegations." Provides case histories (as told by the accused), legal articles, and an online forum for people who feel they have been falsely accused of harassment.
Sexual Harassment and Men
Critical discussion of complaints and legislation.
Sexual Harassment and Rape Laws in India
Overview of the legal landscape.
Sexual Harassment: Sexual Harmony
Local news and comments, maintained by Sonoma County Online.
Stop Violence Against Women: Sexual Harassment
Comprehensive information at an international level. Maintained by the Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights.
University of Maryland Women's Studies Database
Includes a variety of primary documents on the topic.

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