Web pages dedicated to the prevention, investigation and prosecution of financial abuse of the elderly. Although financial abuse is often mixed with other types of elder abuse, it is a specialized field. Topics can include fiduciary abuse, specialized scams against seniors, specialized units focused on elder financial abuse and innovative projects focused on this subject.

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Bennett Blum, M.D.
Offers information for cases involving undue influence, coercion, mental capacity and competency, dementia, elder or financial abuse. Includes forensic and geriatric psychiatry models.
California Community Partnership for the Prevention of Financial Abuse
CCPPFA guidelines for preventing and reporting financial elder abuse, resources for financial institutions, posters and brochures.
Challenges in Combating Predatory Lending
This 2004 report from the U.S. General Accounting Office highlights that the elderly are disproportionately victims of predatory lending. [PDF]
Elder Abuse - California, Los Angeles District Attorney's Office
Features the Elder Abuse Unit. How to recognize and prevent elder abuse. Warning signs, avoiding false friends, secret loan, caretaker fraud, telemarketing fraud, fraudulent charities, real estate fraud and other types of fraud.
Financial Crimes Against the Elderly
The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, offers this comprehensive 88-page problem-oriented guide in PDF format. [PDF]
National Association of Bunco Investigators (NABI)
Non-profit organization of law enforcement and security investigators focusing on transient criminal groups and elderly victims.
Protecting Senior Texans from Financial Exploitation
The Texas Attorney General offers this online training tool using video clips to illustrate various financial abuse scenarios in a bank setting and provides illustrations of appropriate interventions.
Telemarketing Fraud - PhoneBusters
Offers fraud prevention advice and collects telemarketing complaints throughout Canada working in partnership with other law enforcement agencies.
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