This category is for pages focusing mainly on the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks and hijackings. Personal pages may include a combination of images, stories, news, essays, or message boards.

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Multimedia presentation with sound bytes from the news.
Afghanistan: the 51st state
Includes a proposal to respond to the attacks by invading Afghanistan, and further commentary.
Always Remember
Offers personal commentary and articles, music, slide show and links.
America Mourns
Personal memorial providing photos, audio and videos.
America The Strong
Offers pictures, personal thoughts and links.
America Under Attack
Offers a selection of news articles and commentary, and a chronology of events. Includes picture collection, humor and links for related sites.
American Memorial Tribute
A collection of images, songs, videos, articles, and poetry.
An Astrological Look at the Terrorist Attacks on the World Trade Center September 11, 2001
Explores the timing and astrological environment for the attacks and related issues. Includes astrological charts.
The Attack on America
A dedication to America and its victims including pictures and videos.
Attack On America
Graphics, memorial guestbook, add your square quilt, add your link page.
Barb and Ed
Writings and photographs by a suburban NY couple, including personal experiences and travelogues from around the world. Includes section on World Trade Center attack.
The Day America Stood Still
Six original paintings documenting the terrorist attack.
A Day Not Soon Forgotten
Summary of events, photographs, a message board, and banners to show US pride.
For The Spirits On Wings
Memorial offering images accompagnied by lyrics and music.
God Bless USA
A prayer on protection and love dedicated to America.
Hope: Missing Pieces
Stories and personal impressions of those who where there.
In Memory of 9.11.01
Pictures and links for information.
In Memory of Those Who Died
Links in memory of the victims of this attack, made by people from all races, religions and backgrounds. US Attacked
Provides a photo gallery, emergency information and news articles. With forums for discussion, condolence and safety messages.
Memorial - 9-11-01
Extensive information and support services acknowledging the NYPD and FDNY.
Operation Infinite Justice
Compiled information and support services providing news links, speeches from President Bush and relief fund charities.
Our Memorial to September 11
Contains personal stories, survivor stories, and links to related sites.
Point Thank You
Learn about the volunteer organizations who assisted in the clean up of Ground Zero.
Remember the WTC 9/11/01
The memorial offers poems and quotes, an image gallery and archivated news articles.
September 11, 2001
Provides extensive information, news, and links for related sources.
September 11, 2001 - Forever to Remember
Site about the September 11 terrorist attacks and a musical composition dedicated to the victims.
September 11: A Biblical Perspective
The events interpreted according to the bible by Xenos Christian Fellowship, presented in multimedia technique [RealPlayer].
September 11: Patriot Day
A memoriam of the victims, the United States, and the American flag. Includes numerous links.
Spirit of America
Offers quotes, cartoons, a site in remembrance of US veterans, and links to other memorial sites.
Tragedy of 9-11
Remembers the tragic events with pictures, poems, thoughts, a survivor story and related links on how to help.
A Tribute To The Victims Of The Terrorism Against The USA
Prayers, news, get involved, links, and forum.
United We Stand
Offers quotes, prayers and pictures.
Voices of Peace
A collection of writings, resources, and links.
WTC Mourning
Private German-English memorial and solidarity site focusing on statements out of the theological sector and helping children cope after September 11.
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