Sites about harassment, discrimination, and hate crimes against people in the wake of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

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ADL Responds to Violence and Harassment
Anti-Defamation League responses to incidents of violence and harassment against Arab Americans, Muslim Americans and other individuals or groups that are perceived to be of Middle Eastern descent. Also commentary from groups, ranging from civil rights groups to extremist organizations.
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
Includes hate crimes hotline, incident reporting, advice for educators and Arab-American parents, educational resources, and statements of support.
Attack on America - Islamic Resource Center
Provides reactions from Muslim leaders, a list of Muslim victims, news on the anti-Muslim backlash in US and information on Islam.
BBC News: Pigs' heads left at Islamic centre
Reports of vandalism and arson at mosques.
BBC News: Scottish Muslims describe fears
Muslims meet to draw up a plan to change attitudes, Sikhs report fears, too.
The Muslim Council of Britain
Includes news, incident reporting, fact sheets, and newsletters.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Community answers targeting of mosque
Lewis Kamb reports that Jews, Christians, and Buddhists joined Muslims for an interfaith service at a mosque the day after an attempted arson, just one in a string of anti-Islamic acts reported in the area since September 11th.
Seattle Times: Beaten Sikh is out of the Hospital
Relates two separate attacks on Sikh men, and sympathy forthem expressed by SeaTac residents.
Seattle Times: Understanding turbans: Don't link them to terrorism
Includes an illustrated guide to turbans, in response to reports of attacks on Sikhs in the local area.
Tolerance, Civil Rights, and Justice in Wake of September 11 Tragedies
Statement from the US Commission on Civil Rights urging Americans to resist the temptation to unfairly target the members of any ethnic or religious group. Includes hotline for reporting racial violence, and journalist's guide of facts about the Arab American community.
United States: "We are Not the Enemy"
Human Rights Watch reports on hate crimes after September 11 against Arabs, Muslims, and those perceived to be Arab or Muslim and the local, state and federal response to it.
Ethnic and Religious Profiling in America
Anai Rhoads reports on incidents of abuse directed against Arab-Americans since 911. (November 13, 2002) Complaints of harassment of Muslims rising in Montreal
Police in the Canadian city have received about 95 complaints of harassment and physical assaults from Muslims and members of the local Arab community in the past month. (October 12, 2001) Sikh student shot at in US hate crime
A college student reports being harassed and shot at while driving on a highway. (September 26, 2001)
St. Petersburg Times: In a country they love, a dose of hate
A column by Mary Jo Malone about a local woman attacked because she is from Afghanistan. (September 23, 2001)
St. Petersburg Times: Mail brings slur, threat to citizen born in Iran
In the second recent anti-Islamic incident in St. Petersburg, a family flees their home. (September 23, 2001)
BBC News: Extra police to protect Muslims
Police draft in more officers and take extra measures to protect UK Muslims from violent reaction to the US terror attacks. (September 21, 2001) Now New Zealand Sikhs target of racial attacks
Threats to Sikh gurdwaras (prayer halls) and the community by extremist organisations have been reported, also two Hindu temples have been vandalized. (September 21, 2001)
BBC News: Racist attack on Afghan taxi driver
Police are investigating a racial attack in which remarks were made about the atrocities in the US which left an Afghan minicab driver paralyzed. (September 17, 2001)
Cincinnati Enquirer: Muslim Criticizes Backlash
Dr. Salem Foad explains what it is to be Muslim and why America should not stereotype an entire religion. (September 14, 2001)
Cincinnati Enquirer: Muslims say they can feel the hate
The Ohio office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which receives about two calls about threats or harassment against Muslims per week, received more than 70 calls September 12th. (September 14, 2001)
Cincinnati Enquirer: Muslims urged to give aid
Kevin Aldridge and Earnest Winston report that area Muslims have called on their community to donate blood, give money and pray for the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11th. They plead with the public not to take out its anger on them. (September 13, 2001)
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