Reports, information, and reactions to anthrax used as an act of terrorism.

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Guardian Unlimited: Special Report: Anthrax
Latest and archived news, interactive guide [Flash required], advice, victims' accounts, commentary and analysis, background information, and discussion forum. United Kingdom.
Handwriting Analysis Details
An amateur sleuth concludes that the use of block letters suggest that a child wrote letters transmitting anthrax spores in 2001.
PBS Frontline: The 1979 Anthrax Leak
Report on the anthrax outbreak which affected 94 people and killed at least 64 in the Soviet city of Sverdlovsk that was revealed by President Boris Yeltsin, in 1992, to be the result of military activity at a biological weapons facility.
Riddle of the Spores
George Monbiot comments on the status of the FBI investigations. The Guardian, UK.
Washington Post: Anthrax
Describes how a room is swept for anthrax, tested, decontaminated and cleaned. - Anthrax Sent Through Mail Gained Potency by the Letter
Scientific analysis of the spores and envelopes from the fall 2001 U.S. incidents lead to some surprising discoveries. (May 07, 2002)
Asia Times: India has the Medicine to Aid US Anthrax Fight
The country's largest pharmaceuticals company says that it is ready to increase production of a cheaper, generic form of Cipro as soon as it receives the necessary approval. Hong Kong. (October 23, 2001)
BBC News - Anthrax Alert at US Consulate
Two employees at the American Consulate in Belfast are taken to hospital after coming into contact with a white powder contained in the post. (October 22, 2001)
BBC News - New Law Targets Anthrax Hoaxers
The government is rushing through new legislation to deal with bio-terror hoaxers, after scores of anthrax scares across the UK. (October 21, 2001)
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