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BBC News - Regions and Territories: South Ossetia
An overview of South Ossetia including key facts, political leaders and the local media.
Boston Globe - The Big Picture: War in South Ossetia
News photos of the August 2008 war. - South Ossetia Military Guide
News, maps and information on the Ministry of Defense, military facilities, security agencies and special weapons.
The Guardian - Q&A: South Ossetia Dispute
Explanation of the history behind the breakaway region's push for independence.
The New York Times - South Ossetia News
Breaking news and archival information about its people, politics and economy.
Wikipedia - 2008 South Ossetia War
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the background, combatants, impacts and peace plan relating to the August conflict between Georgia and Russia.
Wikipedia - Category: 2008 South Ossetia War
Collection of hyperlinked encyclopica articles relating to the conflict.
Wikipedia - Category: South Ossetia
Collection of hyperlinked encyclopedia articles about the semi-autonomous area of Georgia.
Wikipedia - Georgian–Ossetian Conflict
Hyperlinekd encyclopedia article about the ethno-political conflict in Georgia's former autonomous region of South Ossetia, which evolved in 1989 and developed into a civil war in 1991–1992.
Wikipedia - South Ossetia
Encyclopedia entry on the region which declared its independence as the Republic of South Ossetia early in the 1990s during the Georgian-Ossetian conflict.
Wikipedia - South Ossetian Independence Referendum, 2006
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article includes background, the political climate, alternative elections and referendum, reactions and results.
Satellite Images Show Destruction, Ethnic Attacks - Human Rights Watch
Satellite images confirm the widespread torching of ethnic Georgian villages inside South Ossetia. Detailed analysis of the damage depicted in ethnic Georgian villages shows the destruction was caused by intentional burning and not armed combat. (August 27, 2008)
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