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The Analog Divide: Technology Practices in Public Education
Research article on the digital divide and infrastructure design in Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Also available in PDF.
Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (ASET)
Responsible for state-wide IT planning, coordination, and initiatives.
Beaumont Foundation of America (BFA)
Provides assistance to and for the benefit of the poor, underserved and underprivileged.
Benton Foundation
Articulates a public interest vision for the digital age and demonstrates the value of communications for solving social problems by promoting a vision and policy alternatives for the digital age.
Bridge The Digital Divide
An effort of bridging the digital divide between the developed world and the developing world.
Challenging the Digital Divide
Many people, mostly those already poor or socially disadvantaged in some other way, cannot or do not have access to new technologies and the opportunities they bring. These people stand on the wrong side of the "digital divide."
Committee to Democratize Information Technology
Based in Brazil, this organization's slogan is "Say No to the Digital Apartheid." The organization works with and seeks partnerships with industry in provide equal access in all the school. [English/Spanish/Portuguese]
Communication Initiative Network
This is one of quite a few major Portals aimed at this type of "Digital Divide" issue. It is supported by major research organisations in this field such as the Canadian Development Agency, and by large content providers such as the BBC.
Digital Divide
Articles related to decision makers lag and its economic and cultural consequnces.
Digital Dividend
Explores sustainable business models for bridging the global digital divide. Its Project Clearinghouse is a database of nearly 700 digitally-enabled social enterprises in developing countries.
F2C: Freedom to Connect
Organization/movement working under two assumptions. First, if some connectivity is good, then more connectivity is better. Second, if a connection that does one thing is good, then a connection that can do many things is better.
Heads On Fire
An organization working to bridge the Digital Divide through community-based media arts programs.
How Worldwide Is the Web?
Discusses the meaning of "world" in "worldwide web" and asks what the global network really means.
Info Today
Article by Andy Carvin of the Benton Foundation arguing that the digital divide is the civil rights issue of the next century.
A non-profit group that donates web sites and Internet hosting to organizations dedicated to benefiting the local community or environment to help eliminate the digital divide. Bridges to the Future Initiative (BFI)
Addresses the digital divide of education and technology in emerging economies.
Living in an e-World: An Information Society for All?
Explaining the Digital Divide, the exclusion of those left aside the Information Society Development by comparing projects in France and Estonia to involve all in the use of Internet.
M.S. Swaminath Research Foundation
This is a research Foundation working in India on the issues of access to communications for poor village communities. They are particularly interested in supporting content generation at a local level, to ensure that localy relevant information is available on the web for these communities, in a language they can understand.
Money drives the digital divide - Jun. 20, 2000
The rich aren't only getting richer, a new report finds they're also getting wired.
Morino Institute
A nonprofit organization whose mission includes closing social divides and understanding the relationship and impact of the Internet on (US)society. Easily accessible site with good resources.
San Diego Futures Foundation
The San Diego Futures Foundation provides computer technology and services to nonprofit organizations and schools to help bridge the digital divide in San Diego County.
US organization offering computer education for senior citizens at many locations.
Solve Poverty - You Can Help Solve Poverty
Two organizations, Opportunity International and Pty Ltd, working to provide small loans, on-line education and other resources to the economically disadvantaged. Lots of on-site links to other poverty related issues and services. Click and give site.
Tactical Technology Collective
Aim is to advance the use of new technologies as a tactical tool for civil society in developing and transition countries.
Urban Ed, Inc.
Washington DC area start-up nonprofit organization offering computer science training to community members.
World Summit on the Information Society
Information on the preparatory process and the two phases in Geneva (December 2003) and Tunis (November 2005). Organized by the UN agency International Telecommunication Union (ITU). (November 16, 2005)
First Monday - Effective use: A community informatics strategy beyond the Digital Divide
Paper by Michael Gurstein examines the concepts and strategies underlying the notion of the Digital Divide and concludes that it is little more than a marketing campaign for Internet service providers. (December 01, 2003)
First Monday - Why the "don’t–want–tos" won’t compute: Lessons from a New Zealand ICT Project
Journal article by Barbara Crump and Andrea McIlroy. This paper asks the question, why, when computing is available in a socially situated, convenient environment, at no cost, do people choose not to compute? (December 01, 2003)
BBC News: Bridging the digital divide
BBC News Online concerning the international digital divide. Case studies focus on Burkina Faso, United States, Morocco, and Mongolia. (September 14, 1999)

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