Sites in this category generally contains opinions that filtering software is inappropriate for use in homes, libraries, workplaces, or schools.
Anti-censorware articles, essays, and investigative reports. Includes instructions and programs to disable content blocking software.
The Censorware Page
News and information about filtering software from the Ethical Spectacle.
Censorware: A Post-CDA Solution?
General information, resources, links, and news coverage of filtering and blocking software from the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC).
Cyber Petrol
Form to find out in an URL is in the Cyber Patrol blacklist. Mirrors of The Breaking of Cyber Patrol 4 and How to Disable Cyber Patrol.
Gunnar Weygold's story of how Solid Oak Software tried to shut his account down for using their online Cybersitter submission form.
Cybersitter Bans All Wiccan/Pagan Websites
Cybersitter blocks some pagan sites completely. Other sites that contain words like "pagan," "Wicca," or "witch" are either censored or blocked. The software also prevents the use of pagan-related words in search engines.
Cybersitter Petition Page
A petition to boycott Solid Oak Software Inc.'s Cybersitter program. Currently this program is designed to block out Wiccan, Pagan, and Satanist websites.
Documentation of Internet Filtering Worldwide
Seeks to document and analyze a large number of Web pages blocked by various types of filtering regimes.
Filters and Filtering
American Library Association's policies, statements, and links regarding filtering in libraries.
Internet Free Expression Alliance
Organization which advocates against content filtering as inconsistent with free speech.
Seth Finkelstein's Anticensorware Investigations
Investigations of censorware ("filtering") programs by the 2001 EFF Pioneer Award winner who first decrypted censorware blacklists and was the chief programmer for Censorware Project.
Seth Finkelstein's Censorware Essays
Several essays and reports on filtering software from one of the founders of the Censorware Project.
Sites Blocked by Internet Filtering Programs
Expert testimony of Benjamin Edelman in an ACLU challenge to the use of filtering software in public libraries. Documents 6000+ examples of erroneous overblocking.
The Story of CPHack
Background on lawsuit by Mattel and Microsystems to ban program to decrypt Cyber Patrol 4 blacklist, including mirror and links to over 50 news articles.
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