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National Human Genome Research Institute: ELSI Research Program
The Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) Research Program funds and manages studies related to the ethical, legal, and social implications of genetic and genomic research, and supports workshops, research consortia, and policy conferences related to these topics.
Australian Gene Ethics Network
Non-profit federation of groups and individuals in Australia promoting critical discussion and debate on the environmental, social and ethical impacts of genetic engineering technologies.
Bioethics Research Library: Genetics and Ethics
Compilation of links, journals and other publications that offer research about the ethical and moral aspects of applying genetic knowledge to humans.
Center for Genetics and Society
A pro-choice organization working for sensible policies on genetic engineering technology. Excellent resources and links.
Council For Responsible Genetics
Advocacy and coalition building form the core of the CRG's work in our program areas of genetic discrimination, patenting of life forms, and food safety and environmental quality. Genetics and Ethics
A Christian site that attempts to address the ethical, religious, and moral issues raised by a broad range of applications of genetics research.
ELSI - Human Genome Project
Primarily a collection of links to sites exploring the ELSI.
Embracing Change with All Four Arms
This paper sets out to defend human genetic engineering with a new bioethical approach, post-humanism.
Eubios Ethics Institute
A non-profit group founded by Darryl Macer in Christchurch, New Zealand and in Tsukuba Science City, Japan. Site provides links, general information and conference abstracts.
Eugenics, Genetic Engineering, and Cloning
Considerations and arguments on several scientific procedures that possibly could improve human life.
Genetic Engineering - Paradise on Earth or a Descent into Hell?
By Keith Parkins. Long article, with a huge list of references at the end.
GMO Compass
Informs about the benefits and risks of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The site aims to make an essential contribution to the general GMO debate within the whole European Union.
Human Genome Project: Ethical, Legal, & Social Issues
Explores the ethical, legal, and social issues (ELSI) surrounding availability of genetic information, as it pertains to privacy and the potential for discrimination.
National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature
A specialized collection of books, journals, newspaper articles, legal materials, regulations, codes, government publications, and other relevant documents concerned with issues in biomedical and professional ethics. The library holdings represent the world's largest collection related to ethical issues in medicine and biomedical research. This collection functions both as a reference library for the public and as an in depth research resource for scholars from the U.S. and abroad.
San Francisco State University: Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers
Essays, links to resources and a bibliography compiled by Dr Ron Epstein at the Philosophy Department. Categories include ethical and religious questions, biowarfare, and genetic engineering on humans.
Who Owns the Human Genetic Code? An Annotated Bibliography
Article on whether or not the United States Patent Office should issue patents on gene sequences.
Would You Have Allowed Bill Gates to be Born?
Bioethicist Arthur Caplan supposes Bill has Asperger's syndrome, and comments on the perils of prenatal genetic testing that involves not life and death but attributes such as personality and sociability, genius and geekiness.

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