List of sites that offer services to individuals, businesses, and other organisations on multiculturalism, ethnic relations, intercultural communication, etc.

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Basic Diversity
A diversity training and consulting company that helps companies and organizations develop, maintain, and implement diversity programs.
Help business and professional people to break through the barriers of culture, language and set patterns of thinking.
Cross Cultural Management Co., Ltd.
Teaches people to learn to identify and deal with the barriers that face any cross cultural team and build a team with increased assertiveness, accountability, and understanding.
Global Neighborhood
US-based non-profit organization that seeks to provide long-term, holistic, relational support to refugees who are resettling into Spokane city.
Global People
Provides access to research, current thinking and practical intercultural resources.
Great Black Speakers, LLC
An African American speakers organization that helps colleges, corporations, and associations find a diverse set of speakers for keynote, conference, and training events.
Hennington and Associates
US-based company that implements and manages workforce diversity initiatives.
Knowledge Must
China- and India-based organisation assisting students, professionals, and organisations to cross cultural boundaries, mainly between East Asia, South Asia, and the Western world. Offers career counselling, study and work experience, language immersion, culture-specific and process-oriented training, individualized travel arrangements, and intercultural events.
Komensky Centre for Intercultural Development
Jordan-based company offering a wide range of intercultural services, including an Arabic language program, workshops, and articles on Arabic culture.
New World Synergy Diversity Consulting
Denver-based consulting firm that offers unconventional diversity/multicultural training using percussion instruments. Dan Egger-Belandria leads interactive team-building training sessions that educate and entertain.
Red Road Leadership
Provides culturally competent training and consultation services to Tribes, urban Indian organizations, nonprofits and government agencies.
T. T. Mitchell Consulting
Diversity, management and employee relations training to help businesses and people be better by teaching employees at all levels how to work with each other.
Why Warriors Pty Ltd
Provides cross-cultural awareness training for working with Indigenous Australians, consultancy and mediation services and small business development support for Indigenous Australians.
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