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One man's attempt to list and resolve every national and international problem in the world, resulting in the eradication of poverty and war by December 12, 2012. Includes his book of instructions, discussion questions, and links to related sites.
Campaign for Universal Peace
Personal site of Peter Kasser, Switzerland, who believes that "Peace is not a dream. Peace is a project." Peace quotes, peace manifesto, and links to related sites.
CoCo's Peace Page
Here folks can feel free to post up shout outs, letters, statements, and testimonials that center around the concept of peace. Peace messages are posted as received.
Culture of Peace
Studies by Dr. David Adams have helped lay the scientific basis for work towards a culture of peace. Here he presents some of the key papers from his research in order to help people find a way to take part in the Global Movement for a Culture of Peace.
Global Peace Info
Provides a peace email to forward to friends, commentary, and steps to take towards world peace.
Into The Light
An examination of social issues such as war and peace, through poetry.
No War - Pas de Guerre - No Alla Guerra - Kein Krieg
Photos of the anti-war demonstrations held in Berne during February and March 2003.
Pax Mundo
Geography professor and activist helps U.S. citizens to understand our role in the world. The site promotes peace by promoting an understanding of how the U.S. is viewed elsewhere, and provides opportunities for international dialog.
Peace and Love
Peace and Love reside inside. Love quotes,love letters, poetry, and peaceful intentions.
The Peace Journal
Updates on what is happening in the political/environmental/peace arena. Ways to get involved and make a difference.
Peace Love Kindness
Treatise dedicated to the elimination of both personal and global suffering. Suggested reading and actions, with links to related sites.
Peace On Earth - It's In Our Hands
Thoughts on peace and how to achieve it. Includes links to connect with others working for peace.
Peace Vigil Journal
Journal and photos of peace vigil in Ellensburg, Washington.
Stern, Fred: The Rainbow Maker
Creates natural rainbows for organizations and events in support of global unity and peace. Includes photos and press releases about his work, tips on how to make or find rainbows, and information about how rainbows are formed.
Worldpeace - Weltfriede
Thoughts about world peace and the terror attacks on September 11 by 4th grade students of the German-American School in San Francisco. Features flags made by the children and what they symbolize. Includes related links.
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