Several "anti-rip" schemes for CDs insert chunks of garbage data to produce errors in CD players.

Newer audio CD players contain error-correction software designed to compensate for scratches and minor damage. The garbage data disrupts re-encoding of the audio into MP3 and other formats, while relying on error-correcting CD players to compensate for it. Some CD players, particularly car stereos, game consoles, and CD-ROM drives, cannot play audio CDs seeded with these errors.

These schemes are often inaccurately referred to as "copy protection", though no steps are taken to prevent verbatim duplication of the corrupted audio data to another CD.

Community weblog discussing protected and corrupted audio CDs. - How to Detect and Avoid Copy-Controlled CDs
Information for classical music listeners to help them identify Copy-Controlled CDs, including the graphics that appear on the packaging.
Slashdot -Stations Can't Play Crippled Music Disks
Reader comments on The Age article reporting that some radio stations are unable to play copy-protected CDs. (April 06, 2003)
The Age - Copy Protected CDs: Artists Can Be the Losers
Article pointing out that music companies which use copy protection may be denying the artists under contract to them legitimate play time on radio stations. (April 03, 2003)
'No More Music CDs Without Copy Protection,' Claims BMG Unit
"BMG is at it again, this time apparently set on applying copy protection to all its music products." By John Lettice. [Register] (November 06, 2002)
BMG Stops Producing CDs
"The Register has a new story about claims by Bertelsmann that they'll stop manufacturing uncrippled audio CDs." News and reader comments. [Slashdot] (November 06, 2002)
Copy Protection On CDs Is 'Worthless'
Reader comments on New Scientist article. [Slashdot] (November 06, 2002)
Copy Protection on CDs is 'Worthless'
"The technology built into some CDs to stop people copying them is futile, according to a computer scientist who has put today's antipiracy systems under the microscope." By Barry Fox. [New Scientist] (November 06, 2002)
Big Five Labels Sued Over Copy-Protected CDs
"Heightening the tension surrounding the music industry's efforts to guard its content in the digital realm, the five major record labels were hit with a class action lawsuit last week for producing and distributing CDs with copyright protection controls." By Scarlet Pruitt. [IDG] (June 18, 2002)
Lawsuit Challenges Copy-protected CDs
Reader discussion of Reuters article. [Slashdot] (June 17, 2002)
Another Class Action Over Crippled Music Disks
News brief and reader discussion. [Slashdot] (June 14, 2002)
Felt Tip Marker Defeats Copy-Protected CDs
News and reader discussion. [Slashdot] (May 22, 2002)
Post-it Notes vs. Copy-Inhibited CDs
News about Celine Dion CDs killing iMacs and black markers or sticky notes defeating some "copy-protection" schemes. Reader discussion. [Slashdot] (May 14, 2002)
Sony Intentionally Crashes Customers' Computers
"Celine Dion's latest CD will not play in computer drives. In fact: 'Should the consumer try to play Dion's CD on a PC or Macintosh, the computer likely will crash.'" News and reader discussion. [Slashdot] (April 03, 2002)
AOL Seeks Manager for Anti-Copying Push
"AOL Time Warner is beginning efforts to add copy protection to CDs, underscoring the company's desire to limit unsanctioned digital distribution of its musical works." By Jim Hu. [CNet] (March 12, 2002)
Consumers in Crossfire of Labels' War on Piracy
"The downside of copy-protected music CDs? Some won't play when consumers get them home." By Aaron Pressman. [Christian Science Monitor] (March 04, 2002)
Consumer Claims Victory in CD Lawsuit
"Makers of a recording by country-pop singer Charley Pride have agreed to stop tracking most listener habits and to warn consumers that the CD is not compatible with MP3 and other players, according to attorneys for a woman who sued the companies." By Lisa Bowman. [CNet] (February 22, 2002)
The Register - Congressman Assails CD Copy Protection
Copy protection tracks implanted in CDs are a violation of the right to fair use of purchased music, writes a US Representative to recording industry lobbyists. (January 08, 2002)
BMG to Replace Anti-rip Natalie Imbruglia CDs
"Bertelsmann Music Group has had to back down on plans to force anti-rip technologies on British CD buyers." By Tony Smith. [Register] (November 19, 2001)
Customers Put Kibosh on Anti-Copy CD
"Complaints about anti-copying technology on Natalie Imbruglia's latest CD force her record label to issue replacements for angry consumers." By John Borland. [CNet] (November 19, 2001)
BMG Backs Down Over Copy-Protected CD
Virgin Megastores has responded to a complaint from one of their customers and said that BMG has set up a helpline to allow people who bought the corrupt version, to exchange it for a real one. Virgin and HMV will also be bringing in new stock of uncorrupted CDs. [Slashdot] (November 18, 2001)
More Copy Protected CDs?
Fat Chuck's maintains a list of corrupt CDs. Reader comments and discussion. [Slashdot] (November 11, 2001)
Register: UK Campaigners Call for Anti 'Anti-rip' CD Day of Action
"Campaigners will take to the streets of Britain this Saturday (6 October) in a bid to raise public awareness of the music industry's attempts to prevent listeners from copying CDs or playing discs on PCs." By Tony Smith. (October 04, 2001)
New Scientist: NSync CD is Copy Protection "Experiment"
"The music industry is now testing different copy protection systems on mass market chart CDs, with copies of NSync's Celebrity on the Zomba label being sold in at least three different versions." (October 02, 2001)
Slashdot: NSync Copy Protected CD
"NSync's new CD will be released in a least 3 different versions (with different copy protection techniques)." News and reader comments. (October 02, 2001)
Register: US Record Label Sued over Anti-rip CD Technology
"An unnamed Californian woman has sued US country music record label Fahrenheit Entertainment for allegedly misleading its customers by shipping CDs protected with an anti-rip mechanism." By Tony Smith. (September 11, 2001)
Register: Music Biz Patents Anti-rip Encryption Technology
"Details of the method appear in a patent filed by IFPI. The patent, GB2357165, centres on encrypting the track time codes stamped onto every music disc." By Tony Smith. (August 17, 2001)
Register: 'Hi-fi Nuking' CD Technology Safe Claims Developer
Skeptical report on New Scientist's retraction of its warning that Cactus could damage speakers playing copied CDs. By Tony Smith. (August 10, 2001)
Register: Old Code Defeats New CD Anti-ripping Technologies
"Macrovision's SafeAudio and Midbar's Cactus - both new technologies designed to prevent CDs from being copied successfully - may have been defeated by software released over two years ago." By Tony Smith. (August 10, 2001)
Register: 1M Anti-piracy Hi-fi Nuking CDs Hit Europe
"One million CDs have been released in Europe which are protected by the controversial anti-piracy system Cactus Data Shield... The Cactus Data Shield system is controversial because the technology could blow your hi-fi speakers." By Robert Blincoe. (August 09, 2001)
New Scientist: New CD Anti-Piracy System Could Damage Loudspeakers
"It is called the Cactus Data Shield, and it is designed to add noisy garbage to all copied CDs. The trouble is, it could also damage the hi-fi and loudspeakers of people who play pirated CDs." (August 04, 2001)
Register: CD Anti-piracy System Can Nuke Hi-fi Kit
"Sony's Music Entertainment division has been testing an anti-piracy technology that at best renders illegally copied CDs unlistenable and at worse blows listeners' speakers." By Tony Smith. (August 03, 2001)
CNet: Protected CDs Quietly Slip into Stores
"Consumers in ordinary record stores are unwittingly buying CDs that include technology designed to discourage the making of digital copies." (July 18, 2001)
New Scientist: Anti-piracy CD System Raises Distortion Fear
"The first CD title has already sold 100,000 copies, but it is causing concern among audio experts because they fear that the music may be audibly distorted." (July 16, 2001)
Register: Anti-rip CD System Bypassed
"Macrovision's SafeAudio technology, designed to prevent PC-owning music fans from ripping CD tracks onto their hard drives, has been bypassed." By Tony Smith. (January 08, 2001)
Slashdot: BMG's New Copy-Protected Audio CDs
"BMG-Entertainment started selling audio-CDs using the Cactus Data Shield, a copy-protection system developed by Midbar and Sonopress which makes it impossible to grab the music from the CD and to listen to it using 'an old CD-Player' or a CD-ROM-drive." News and reader comments. (January 25, 2000)
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