This category is for sites on the DVD encryption system, which is called the "Content Scrambling System" (CSS) to prevent the unauthorized duplication of DVD contents.

The release of a simple program called DeCSS allows users to store and view DVDs from a computer hard drive, and has resulted in a storm of legal action and controversy on to what extent consumers should have rights to control media they purchase.

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42 Ways to Distribute DeCSS
42 funny ways to distribute the famous DVD descrambler, including Quake, HTTP cookies, MPEG movies and DNS queries.
Cryptanalysis of Contents Scrambling System
A paper which shows that CSS encryption has weaknesses which make it rapidly breakable even without knowledge of any hardware keys, and describes algorithms to do so.
DeCSS Central: HAL2001 Speech
Cogent presentation about the history of CSS and DeCSS and the issues involved.
DeCSS for Linux and DVD
Information about and links to various encryption and decryption tools for educational and research purposes.
DeCSS/2600 Court of Appeals Decision
Text of the decision by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals affirming the judgement against 2600 in the DeCSS linking case.
Gallery of CSS Descramblers
If DeCSS code is illegal in the USA, but text is protected, where do you draw the line? A gallery of exhibits of the descrambling algorithm from code through plain English to graphic images.
In Defense of Free Speech on the Internet
The Global Internet Liberty Campaign member statement opposing the efforts by the DVD-CAA to censor websites worldwide. Signed by more than fifty global civil liberties organizations.
California DeCSS case
Offers links to documents in California DeCSS case. (November 01, 2001)
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