Google removed links to prominent anti-Scientology sites in response to a DMCA violation notice served to them by the Church of Scientology's lawyers.

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Google Runs Into Copyright Dispute
Summarizes the course of events in Scientology's efforts to remove links to critics' sites from Google, and the search engine's response of providing the DMCA complaints (and links) to another site for publication. Requires free registration. [New York Times] (April 22, 2002)
Google vs. DMCA and Scientology
Discussion of a New York Times story on the Church of Scientology's DMCA complaints and Google's response. [Slashdot] (April 22, 2002)
Scientology Complaint to Google #4
Religious Technology Center and Bridge Publications demand, on behalf of the Church of Scientology, that Google delete posts from its Usenet archive of alt.religion.scientology. Text of DMCA complaint. (April 18, 2002)
Scientology Lawyer Promises to Continue "Appropriate Action"
Helena Kobrin writes that her firm is merely protecting intellectual property rights. [Linux Journal] (April 17, 2002)
Google Publicizes DMCA Takedowns
Short note about Google linking to DMCA claims from Scientology lawyers, followed by lively discussion. [Slashdot] (April 12, 2002)
Scientology Complaint to Google #3
Religious Technology Center (Church of Scientology) tells Google to yank a Norwegian personal page. (April 10, 2002)
Scientology Complaint to Google #2
Letter to Google from Church of Scientology, demands the removal of, a mirror of Operation Clambake. (April 09, 2002)
Google Relists Operation Clambake
"Google only relisted's homepage (where the copyright claims by Scientology were clearly bogus), not the rest of the pages listed in Scientology's DMCA complaint." News and reader discussion. [Slashdot] (March 22, 2002)
Scientologists Gag Google
"Web search outfit Google has caved in to demands from the 'Church' of Scientology demanding that it delete URLs from its database directing Web surfers to certain pages maintained by, a well-known CoS critic." [The Register] (March 22, 2002)
Cult Forces Google to Remove Critical Links
"The Church of Scientology is using the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act to remove links to a critical Web site from the Google search engine." By Matt Loney. [ZDNet UK] (March 21, 2002)
Google Pulls Anti-Scientology Links
"Google was accused Wednesday of effectively removing from the Internet a Web site that is critical of the Church of Scientology after it deleted links to some of the site's pages from its search engine." By Matt Loney and Evan Hansen. [CNet] (March 21, 2002)
Scientology Uses DMCA to Delist Critic's Website
The Church of Scientology used the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to strong-arm search engine Google into removing several pages of an anti-Scientology site from search results and directory. [Slashdot] (March 21, 2002)
MetaFilter Comments
News brief misascribing cause of removal to "googlebombing", and ensuing reader discussion. (March 20, 2002)
Google Asked to Delist Scientology Critics
Copy of the letter from Church of Scientology law firm Moxon and Kobrin, demanding that Google remove (March 08, 2002)

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