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The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States law passed in October 2000, based upon the "WIPO Copyright Treaty" of 20 December 1996. The DMCA increases the exclusive rights granted to copyright holders. The most controversial provisions impose criminal and civil penalties for distributing methods of breaking copy protection schemes.

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Register: Linux Update Withholds Security Information on DMCA Terror
"Citing a controversial U.S. copyright law, a top Linux developer announced this week that Americans would not be given details about the security fixes in an update to the open source operating system, a first for a software development community that prides itself on transparency." By Kevin Poulsen.
Topix: DMCA
News about the DMCA, collected from various sources on the web. [RSS]
What Colleges and Universities Need to Know about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
A practitioner's journal from 1999 which includes useful information relevant to the DMCA for colleges and/or universities.
CNET News - Ruling Sounds Sour Note for Record Industry
A court decision hands a major setback to the RIAA's legal tactics for tracking down and suing alleged file traders. (December 19, 2003)
Red Hat Fights the DMCA
"Red Hat has struck a small blow against the DMCA, by publishing a security patch which can only be explained fully to people who are not within US jurisdiction." By John Lettice. [Register USA] (October 16, 2002)
New Anti-Circumvention Rulemaking Coming Soon
"Copyright regulators are considering a rare public comment process on the controversial DMCA law." News and reader discussion. [Slashdot] (October 12, 2002)
The Register - Congress Reps Launch Fightback on DRM Rights Erosion
Two US Congress representatives are this week raising the standard of rebellion against the entertainment business' use of Digital Rights Management and the DMCA to erode consumer rights. (October 03, 2002)
The Register - Tech Giants Back Fair Use Bills
The IT industry's giants including Intel rally behind a bill announced by Congressman Rick Boucher to protect Fair Use in the wake of the DMCA. (October 03, 2002)
CNet - Apple: Burn DVDs--and We'll Burn You
Article on Apple using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to prevent its customers from burning DVDs on external drives using iDVD software. (August 28, 2002)
Security Warning Draws DMCA Threat
"Hewlett Packard has found a new club to use to pound researchers who unearth flaws in the company's software: the Digital Millennium Copyright Act." By Declan McCullagh. [CNET] (July 30, 2002)
On Trial: Digital Copyright Law
"The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on Thursday in an attempt to overturn key portions of a controversial 1998 copyright law." By Declan McCullagh. [CNet] (July 25, 2002)
321 Studios Plays It Safe Against the DMCA
"CNet reports on a request by 321 Studios to have it legally declared that their DVD Copy Plus software doesn't violate the DCMA." Reader discussion. [Slashdot] (April 23, 2002)
Upstart Seeks Court OK for DVD Copying
"In a pre-emptive strike to stave off the wrath of the movie industry, a small software company is asking a federal judge for permission to sell and market its product for copying DVDs." By Lisa M. Bowman. [CNet] (April 23, 2002)
Slashdot: US Copyright Office Releases DMCA Advisory Report
The US Copyright Office's congressionally-mandated advisory report on the effect of the DMCA is in, and at first glance it doesn't look too good. (August 30, 2001)
Telepolis: The Internet Backlash
With a mixture of technological fixes and legal pressures, large institutions are trying extend copyright protection in order to regain control over the flows of information. By Felix Stalder. (August 28, 2001)
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