The term "brain drain" refers to the depletion or loss of professional, entrepreneurial, intellectual or technical personnel by one country or region of the world to the benefit of another (it can also occur within a country from rural to urban areas, from poorer areas to richer areas etc). This phenomenon has been said to be most acute in the flow of talent from developing and underdeveloped nations to the first world but it's also been used, more controversially, to allege that there is a flow of talent (managerial and entrepreneurial as well as intellectual and technical) within the first world from Canada and western Europe to the United States where pay is higher and taxes are lower.

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Brain Drain
Historically, wars between nations, and later between people, have always been about land and its approriation. Now that the land is generally distributed, a new type of war has appeared, the war about technology and its control writes Shimon Perez.
Brain Drain Migration
Robin Cook examines possible solutions to stem the loss of doctors, scientists and engineers by underdeveloped countries and states suffering from economic crisis.
How do we reverse the brain drain?
Keynote speech by Philip Emeagwali at the 2003 Pan African Conference. He promotes persuading multi-national companies of the profitability of moving their call centers to nations in Africa.
How extensive is the Brain Drain?
June 1999 report by William J. Carrington and Enrica Detragiache for the International Monetary Fund explores the brain drain and the countries affected by it.
How to Plug Europe's Brain Drain
Article from Time Europe explores strategies to stop the brain drain of talent to the United States. (January 19, 2004)
Weakening investment and increasing brain drain: two major threats to the European knowledge-based economy
European Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin presented two new publications on Europe's position in research and innovation. The "Key figures 2003-2004 for science, technology and innovation", and the "Brain drain study - Emigration flows for qualified scientists" display a bleak picture. (November 25, 2003)
Radiation science victim of brain drain
When academics boast a 100 per cent employment rate for graduates, you'd think they and their peers would find much to celebrate. Not so for medical radiation science professionals report the Sydney Morning Herald (February 19, 2003)
Salon News | Brain drain
A bill that would give visas to high-tech foreign students will exploit the greatest minds of the third world for the sake of American industry. (January 10, 2000)
Brain Drain Saps Former Soviet Union of Scientists, Alaska Science Forum
Article by science writer Ned Rozell. (June 08, 1995)
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