This category contains sites dealing with current human rights activism and abuses in China. Historical or general Politics sites should be sent to the relevant category.

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Amnesty International USA - China Human Rights
News, reports and success stories for the country including AI Annual Report entries for the past ten years.
China 10 Years After Tiananmen - Human Rights Watch
Documents on China. Includes campaign material, latest news and advocacy documents on human rights violations in China.
China Society for Human Rights Studies
Articles defending the country's rights record, and criticising those of Western countries.
Dangerous Meditation: China's Campaign against Falungong
Describes how Chinese government uses new laws and new interpretations of old laws to crack down on the Falungong. A Human Rights Watch report.
Human Rights in China (HRIC)
NGO of Chinese scholars and activists. News, research, discussion forum, and other resources on human rights issues in the People's Republic of China.
Human Rights Watch: China and Tibet
Reports, commentary and press releases on the human rights situation in China and Tibet.
Laogai Research Foundation (LRF)
Dedicated to documenting and exposing systematic abuses of human rights in China, focusing on the forced labor camps (the laogai). News, reports, pictures, publications, articles and commentaries.
US State Department - 2008 Human Rights Report: China (includes Tibet, Hong Kong, and Macau)
2008 report on the current status of human rights practices including human freedoms, civil liberties, political rights, international investigations, discrimination, worker rights, child labor and working conditions.
Report into Allegations of Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners in China
Report by David Matas and David Kilgour. (July 06, 2006)

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