This category is for sites on censorship and freedom of speech, including what level, if any, censorship should be instituted.

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Article 19 - the International Centre Against Censorship
Named after Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19 works worldwide to combat censorship by promoting freedom of expression and access to official information through local partners and a global law program.
Censorship in the world
Chronicle of the societal control of behavior considered in violation of traditional and conventional morality.
Independent site featuring up to date news and articles relating to film and video censorship which have recently appeared in the UK and International Media. Provides direct links to relevant articles from all publications and sources with varying opinions.
The Free Expression Policy Project
To provide empirical research and policy development on tough censorship issues and seek free speech-friendly solutions to the concerns that drive censorship campaigns.
Free Speech Coalition
Trade association for the adult entertainment industry. Includes news and legal information on censorship and freedom of expression.
The Free Speech Rulebook
Jonathon Blumen provides thoughtful discussion about roots and current status of free speech.
Freedom Site
Resource of material provided by Marc Lemire. Includes an archive of information focused on the censorship of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.
Games Censorship Collection
Provides a summary of issues and an annotated, critical bibliography relevant to Australian computer games censorship. Debates for and against computer games censorship.
Index on Censorship
Covers news and issues related to freedom of expression throughout the world.
The National Coalition Against Censorship
NCAC aims to educate and mobilize the community against acts of censorship.
Project Censored
Explores and publicizes censorship in our society by locating important stories about which the public should be aware but is not, for one reason or another.
Rock Out Censorship
Fighting censors of popular music. Contains information on the organization, lists 'friends' and 'enemies' of the fight, and outlines how you can help.
September Morn
The story of how Harry Reichenbach tricked the smutbusting decency czar Anthony Comstock.
Tabula Rasa: The C Word
Articles and a timeline of censorship.
A Theory Of Civilization
By Philip Atkinson.
Machine Age: FBI's Shutter Speed
The Monitor: FBI's Shutter Speed by Mark Boal. Subversive Filmmaker Attracts the Wrong Kind of Agent. [The Village Voice] (November 21, 1999)

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