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Association for the Prevention of Torture
Founded in 1977, and based in Geneva, Switzerland, the APT is an independent non-governmental organisation working worldwide to prevent torture and ill-treatment.
Bibliography for Research on International Human Rights Law of Europe
Links to organisations related to human rights issues. From the University of Minnesota.
Centre Europe - Tiers Monde (CETIM)
Pursuing its research and publications devoted to North-South relations, focuses on human rights and participated in related United Nations work. Based in Switzerland.
Council of Europe - European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
Summary of treaty signatures and ratifications. In English and French.
The Danish Centre for Human Rights
The Centre site gives information about the organization's activities and also brings news about Human Rights issues.
European Court of Human Rights
Information on the composition of the court, grand chamber and section, historical background, procedure, case-law information notes and survey. Information for persons wishing to apply to the European Court of Human Rights in all European languages.
European Roma Rights Centre
An international public interest law organisation which monitors the situation of Roma in Europe and provides legal defence to victims of human rights violations.
Fortress Europe? - Circular Letter
Organisation providing news, analyses and comments on European developments in the fields of liberties, human rights, public order, policing, justice, data protection, immigration and asylum.
Human Rights Institute of the Bar of Bordeaux
Promoting human rights and the training of lawyers in human rights and international criminal law, and reporting on the respect of defense rights.
Human Rights Server, Germany
Organization placing human rights within the context of the progress of the mass of humanity. Includes links to those who resist.
Hungarian Helsinki Committee
Hungarian human rights organisation monitoring respect for human rights in Hungary and providing legal counselling to victims of rights violations.
An independent human rights organisation which works to defend and extend rights and freedoms in England and Wales.
PanCyprian Association for the Protection of Human Rights
Organisation providing information on human rights issues, with particular interest in the situation of human rights in the Republic of Cyprus.
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