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Free Tibet Campaign
Official site, campaigning for an end to the Chinese occupation of Tibet and for the Tibetans' fundamental human rights to be respected. UK based.
Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities
Information about the worldwide campaigning movement dedicated to protecting the human rights of people in Bangladesh.
Initiatives for International Dialogue
The IID is a solidarity and advocacy group involved primarily in peoples' issues in East Timor, Burma and Mindanao in the Philippines.
International Disability Rights Monitor in Asia and the Pacific
A Yahoo group for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Asia and the Pacific, and their supporters. Monitors the adoption, promotion and protection of the universal rights of PWDs.
Olympic Watch: Human Rights in China and Beijing 2008
Monitors the human rights situation in China in the run-up to Beijing 2008 and to campaign for its improvement.
People's Union for Civil Liberties
Provides online journal and documents concerning unresolved human rights problems in India.
Tibet Support Group Grampian
Campaigns for Tibetans' right to determine their own future and preserve their culture, for an end to the violation of their human rights and for a Tibet free from Chinese occupation.
Tibetan Liberation Theatre
Grassroots performance organization supporting Tibetan freedom. Theatre, dance, music programs, community festivals and bazaars. Participate in demonstrations, campaigns, and celebrations.
Uni Sosial Demokrat
A nonpartisan NGO in Indonesia which seeks social, economic, and environmental democracy.
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