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Austin Tenants' Council
A resource for tenant-landlord information in the Austin, TX area.
Cleveland Tenants Organization
Provides information about the Ohio Landlord Tenant Law to Cleveland residents, and organizes Cleveland tenants.
Coalition for Economic Survival
Tenants' rights organization working to empower tenants, secure rights and preserve affordable housing for greater Los Angeles area residents.
Defend Council Housing
Opposes privatization of council housing in England, Scotland, and Wales. It is supported by tenants federations, council trade unions, local campaign groups, MPs and councillors.
Fair Housing Resource Center
A non-profit, public supported agency in Ohio, designed to promote fair housing. Deals with discrimination issues, predatory lending and non-accessible handicap issues.
International Union of Tenants
Information about other tenant organizations in the world, about secure tenure, about living and the environment, and about housing and tenant issues in the UN and in the European Union.
Ohio Landlord Tenant
News and information about tenants rights in Ohio.
Ontario Tenants Rights
Provides general information including law and news.
Rights of Tenants in Maine
Tenants rights information for the state of Maine, provided by Pine Tree Legal Assistance a non-profit legal aid service.
The San Francisco Tenants Union
Tenant counseling, lobbying, and organizing for San Francisco residents.
Tenant Net
News and links for residential tenants, with a focus on New York City and New York State.
Tenants Association of the National Trust (TANT)
Promoting and protecting the interest of National Trust members' village homes and community. Advice on rents and leases. Located in the UK.
Tenants Rights Songs
Historic and contemporary song lyrics about rent increases, tenants rights, protesting bad slum landlords, noisy neighbors and poverty issues from 1886 to the present.
The Tenants Union
Serves tenants in Washington State with advocacy, organizing, and counseling about tenants rights.
Tenants Union of Victoria (Australia)
Community organization of tenants and community agencies to educate tenants in their rights and to improve the conditions of their housing and lives.
Tenants' Union ACT
Provides free advice, information, and workshops for Australia. Works to improve tenancy rights and issues.
Vermont Tenants, Inc.
Advocacy, information, and referrals for Vermont tenants.
World Tenant
Links and articles to groups around the world. The site also provides information to help in setting up tenant groups.
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