Sites about the smuggling of tobacco products.
BAT and Tobacco Smuggling
Collection of around 150 internal British American Tobacco (BAT) documents, illustrating the extent of BAT's involvement in cigarette smuggling in Asia and Latin America.
British American Tobacco and Tobacco Smuggling
Statements published by the Select Committee on Health of the House of Commons in the UK.
Cigarette Smuggling in California: Fact and Fiction
Scientific analysis examines tobacco industry financials and comrpes them to industry claims about cigarette smuggling.
Cigarette Smuggling in Europe: Who Really Benefits?
Research concludes "cigarette smuggling is not caused principally by 'market forces'. It is mainly caused by fraud, by the illegal evasion of import duty. The cigarettes involved are not the cheap brands from southern European countries, for which there is no international market. It is the well-known international brands such as Marlboro and Winston."
European Community v. RJR
Complaint brought by European Community against RJR over money-laundering/smuggling.
How Can Cigarette Smuggling Be Reduced
Article from the British Medical Journal.
How Smuggling Helps Lure Generations of New Smokers
News article reports that "executives of British-based tobacco giant BAT sought to manage cigarette black markets in the drive to increase profits".
NOW: In Depth - The Black Market Peso Exchange
Documentary on cigarette company involvement in drug money laundering.
NOW: In Depth - Tobacco Traffic
PBS documentary on cigarette smuggling "used by the biggest tobacco companies as a tool to break into markets all over the world. "
Philippe Boucher's Rendez-vous with Luk Joossens
Joossens is an expert in tobacco smuggling and illegal tobacco sales; in this interview he discusses the size of the illegal market and the advantages to the industry of a sizeable illegal market.
Made In The USA
60 minutes story covers the evidence that R. J. Reynolds is involved in illegal cigarette smuggling. (February 13, 2003)
Cigarette Makers Eye Surge in Suits, Investigations
Cigarette makers are facing a surge of lawsuits and investigations involving their role in cigarette smuggling. (August 10, 2000)
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