Sites about how the media, such as newpapers, magazines, radio, and television, cover tobacco news and issues. This includes sites about factors that influence how they cover it.

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Big Tobacco's Deadly Deceits
Article in Midwest Today, June/July 1996. "Cigarette Makers Have Worked Hard to Get Smokers Hooked".
Censored: The Leaked ABC Tape
In March 1994, ABC killed a "Turning Point" documentary on Big Tobacco. Includes the text and some of the video (as QuickTime clips) from the never-aired show.
The Collaborators
Tobacco ads, advertising, and its effect on publications that carry it.
External Influences on News
Lecture outline for college class on media features tobacco examples of self-censorship by news organizations.
Fallout from the Tobacco War
Column explores the impact of the Internet on public information on tobacco and the tobacco industry.
Frontline: Smoke in the Eye: Jeffrey Wigand
Transcript of Frontline report on Wigand, the censored 60 Minutes show, the tobacco industry, and media.
Interview of Dr. Stanton Glantz
Frontline interview; covers the Brown and Willaimson documents; the "settlement"; public health activities; the industry. "This is an industry whose whole thinking and behavior has been dominated by avoiding responsibility for its actions".
Media Firms Buy Their Way To Political Access
Center for Public Integrity report on media political power covers the connections between the tobacco industry and media, such as $1.1 billion in cigarette advertising, and what it buys.
Philip Morris Complains About Ad Placement
Presents and analyzes a letter that Philip Morris sent to newspapers to complain about where and how its ads ran.
The Search for the Smoking Gun
Book review of Dr. David Kessler's "A Question of Intent" in The Atlantic Monthly; considers the interesting fact that Philip Morris considered buying The Atlantic Monthly in order "to influence the public policy agenda and the information flow to the populace".
Smoking News - Topix
News on smoking collected from diverse sources on the web.
Tobacco Access and Media
Poster session from health conference examines smoking in movies, use of media to send anti-tobacco messages, and developing tobacco media campaigns using youth attitudes.
Tobacco Industry Analysis of Newsweek Article
Interanl tobacco industry memo reveals the history and results of tobacco industry pressure on Newsweek to water down a tobacco story.
TV ACRES: Tobacco Products Section
Summarizes tobacco products hawked on TV, including having the stars smoke the sponsor's product on the show, as well as later history of cigars and cigarettes and TV stars; provides a list of product slogans used on commercials. Tobacco Report
Washington Post's online library of tobacco stories. Includes breaking news, politics and policy, litigation, health issues, teen smoking, industry news, and opinion.
The Partnership: Hard Sell in the Drug War
Article from The Nation discusses on the Partnership for a Drug-Free America discusses its tobacco connections such as Philip Morris funding and free ad space in media that take tobacco advertising. (March 09, 1992)
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